Based on Twilight.

Based on the Twilight books by Stephine Meyer
A boy whos imprinted, and a man in love


1. Prolouge.


"Whoa!! Nes wait for me!!" I yelled to Renesmee as she sprinted across the schoolyard.

"We have to hurry!" she stopped taking a breath, "We need to get there before everyone else!!"

"Why it's just a sale!! And your parent have TONS of money why are you even worried?" I struggled to keep up with her. We were going to the spring break sale up at Deezy's and Nes wanted to get everything her size. We ran past the school to her car as she drived madly to the store. "YOUR GONNA GET US KILLED!!!!!" I screamed covering my eyes. She laughed and rolled her eyes as she sped into the parking lot "YES we're not late!" she siad running into the store with me huffing out behind her. She got a bag and started stuffing everything her size while I carefully inspected items considering I couldn't waste my money like she could......"I tihnk this is cute for you, Nes." I said handing her a pink ruffle top. She nodded and threw it in. I ended up with about twleve shirts and about nine shorts for out spring break trip. Her family invited me to go with them to their private island!!! She had about thirty pairs of tank tops, twenty real tops, and about forty pairs of shorts. "Dad's, gonna like these..." She said holding up a pair of pink shorts. "What'd you get?" I meekly lifted up my one bag. She laughed, "I would have bought you something!!!!"

"Thanks, Nes, but it's fine, we're only their for a week right?" I smiled

"About that....." She smiled her crooked smiles and I knew that Nes was up to something.....

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