Based on Twilight.

Based on the Twilight books by Stephine Meyer
A boy whos imprinted, and a man in love


8. Alone

Chapter 8- ALONE

"Seth! C'mon!" I looked around. I considered going back into the sotre but I had walked to far away from it. I shivered and looked around.

"Hey baby what are you doing out here all alone?" I heard a deep male voice say.

"Leave me alone." I started to back up. One was behind me and I bumped into him. He grabbed my arms and I screamed.

"SETH! RENESMEE! NIALL! ESME! CARLISLE! EDWARD! BELLA!" I screamed everyones name. And the next thing I knew I was on the ground.

I was being dragged to weak to try to fight. My limbs felt sore and bruised. I opened my eyes seeing two men dragging me. I didnt remember anything of what was happening. "Help." I moaned my voice hoarse for some reason. It was morning. House full of vampires and no one could come get me. "Help." I groaned.

"No one can hear you where we are, baby." A dark haired man hovered over me. I slapped him.

"Dont ever call me that." I snapped. He grabbed his face and dropped me. Letting my head bang on the floor. I was knocked out again.

I woke up choking. Grasping for air. I felt my surroundings. I was in a bag. I tried to scream but my mouth was ductaped. I tried to scream and my arms wouldnt extend. I was tied up. I rolled around in whatever I was in screaming through the tape.

You'll be okay.

You'll be okay.

I licked my lips. Sticking my tongue out and pulling the tape off by getting it wet.

I finally screamed.

"HELP SOMEONE. HELP. IVE BEEN KIDNAPPED! HELP! PLEASE HELP!" I beat around I wasnt only in a bag, I was in a container. I flet myself flip over in whatever I was in. I was being kicked now. I could feel the container banging around. I knew what I was in now.

I was trapped on a boat.

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