Based on Twilight.

Based on the Twilight books by Stephine Meyer
A boy whos imprinted, and a man in love


4. Accident


I kept my focus on the fun. No boys. With Seth with me he was already so close to my side. Am I his girlfriend now? I thought. Edward glanced up at me and I was beggining to get suspious. Edward sounded like he could hear my thoughts. They never went outside even though Nes and Seth and Jake did. I was in my bathsuit that Nes had packed me. Which just happens to be a bikini....and ran into the water. Nes and I started having a water fight. I was running around in the water when I went a bit deeper than I thought. I was out in the water when something poked my foot. "Ow!!!" I groaned and swam back to shore. But when I tried to step it hurt really bad. "OW!" I collapsed on the ground and held my foot. Seth was right by my side in a second. "Hannah! Hannah, are you okay??" He looked really worried and carried me back into the house to Carlisle. Jasper tensed and he and Alice walked out the door. Rosalie glared at me and held Emmets hand hard. "Something hurt my foot, but it just hurts..." I felt bad for causing a scene. Seth's face went white looking at my foot. Esme put a towel under my foot before I could bleed out on the couch. I had a black spike sticking out of my foot. "WAS IT A STINGRAY?" I said sitting up. "No...It wasnt a sting ray I think it was a Toxic Spike." Seth swallowed hard. "T-Toxic?" He said sitting my head in his lap and swallowing loudly like he was going to throw up. "I can remove it." Carlisle said. Nes walked in and looked at my foot. "EWWWWWW!" She said and walked out. Jake followed her.

"Im sorry for ruining the fun..." I said

"No honey, no." Esme said smiling. Seth swallowed again.

"Seth are you okay?" I said looking up. When I did I saw Niall in the place of Seth. I jerked upward. And spun my head around. "Niall!?!"

"Hi." He said.

"Where's Seth?" I narrowed my eyes.

"He got sick."

"Howd you get here so fast?"

"I dont know." He said as I got up. Carlisle wrapped my foot up and but it in a brace thingy.

"Why dont we eat?" Carlisle said.

"Im starving!" Seth reapeared.

"There you are!" I limped awkwardly to the table and sat down. Niall on one side Seth on the other. Niall kept putting his hand on my leg and Seth kept kissing my cheeks. I was scrunching my shoulders and ducking my head. One time Niall had his hand on my knee and I slammed my knees together. I expected at least a flinch but instead he just chuckled. Edward was looking at Niall disgustedly.

I needed some answers.

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