Mind over Matter

My life was perfect. I had a succesful job, a wonderful boyfriend, loving best friends, and a comfortable apartment. I lived in New York as a fashion designer. My name is Hannah Mortez. Everything was fine...until I met him.


6. Chapter 6 (rsc)


I called in sick. Not that it mattered anyway. Niall said sorry about 100 times that day. He felt truly sorry I guess. I didnt care much. I ran that company basically. I would get another job. I was sitting on my couch in sweats watching The Notebook. Niall had was dozed off on the couch. I got up and fixed myself a drink. As I sat back down I noticed the fact that my apartment was messy. "Niall!" I said knocking his shoulder.

"Huh- Yeah what?" he said bolting upward.

"We need to clean the place." I said handing him a broom. He looked at it for a second and started sweeping.

"I'm gonna do the laundry, give me your shirt." I said. He looked at me with a bit of shock and then gave me his shirt. He had gained weight and he had been using my gym set. I stuttered for a second and took the shirt. He smirked. "Oh be quiet!" I said taking the laundry basket.

"I wasnt even talking xD" He said laughing and sweeping the floor.

"You were thinking!" I said walking into the laundry room.

"You can't not think!" He said laughing and shouting. I set the washer to something and put some soap in.

"I'm gonna go get the duster." I said walking into my room. I heard Niall's slippers shuffle off somewhere. After i walked back in and handed Niall the duster I went back into the laundy room and poured the soap in turning it on high. I sat back down on the couch and smiled at Niall. I heard something pop. Niall and I both jumped looking for the source of the noise. Then I saw it.

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