Mind over Matter

My life was perfect. I had a succesful job, a wonderful boyfriend, loving best friends, and a comfortable apartment. I lived in New York as a fashion designer. My name is Hannah Mortez. Everything was fine...until I met him.


5. Chapter 5 (rsc)

Chapter 5- HANNAHS POV

"We need to talk." He said sitting on his leather chair. I sat in the black leather chair in front of his desk and crossed my legs.

"About what?" I said knitting my eyebrows.

"Us. Your job." He said naking sure to say 'your job' loud so everyone could hear. I nodded and sighed.

"This is about Niall isnt it? I TOLD YOU NOTHING HAPPENED." I threw up my hands in frustration. He leaned to me in his desk. I searched his face for an expression, his brown eyes and short brown hair. He kept his lips pressed in a thin line.

"How do I know," he kept his voice calm but his expression turned into outrage, "how do I know you didnt do anything." I stood.

"If you havent noticed Liam. Relationships are about trust. If you dont trust me enough that I cant act like a friend, or a mother, to someone that I feel sorry for? You are never as sweet to me as he is. You date me so I can keep my job. Its not right Liam. You never compliment me. You never ask me how my day was. You always want me to listen to you. Not vice versa. And if you can treat me right. Then maybe we're not right for eachother."

And I left out the door. Knowing my job had stayed in behind.

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