Mind over Matter

My life was perfect. I had a succesful job, a wonderful boyfriend, loving best friends, and a comfortable apartment. I lived in New York as a fashion designer. My name is Hannah Mortez. Everything was fine...until I met him.


3. Chapter 3 (short chappie)

Chapter 3- HANNAHS POV

That morning I woke up with the smell of breakfast. I padded with my short nightgown and bedhair into the kitchen. "Liam..?" I asked wandering through.

"No. Its Niall. I looked at your calender and saw you had a four hour long meeting today so I thought you might like some breakfast since you'll be sitting a long time." He smiled his smile at me and cooked the breakfast. I yawned and breathed in the good smell of food.

"Where did you even find all this?"

"It was in your fridge." He laughed and put the eggs, bacon, toast and pancakes on the plate.

"Oh wow. Thank you." I said digging in. He sat down on the stool and ate a granola bar. "You know you can eat whatever and wear whatever. This is your home now to." I said covering my mouth with my hand not to spray him with crumbs. He nodded an continued to eat his small granola bar. He was already gaining weight and his cheeks were rosy. That made me smile and grabbed my attention when I realized I had eaten everything. "That was really good, Ni." I said. That was a nickname I had came up with last night. I knew Liam and I had had a fight. He would get over it...Maybe. I got dressed in my best buisness suit and put my hair in a bun. I did my make up natural and clicked down the hallway.

"Wow..." He said gazing at me. I blushed.

"Its just a business suit Niall. Its nothing." I flipped a string on my dress off.

"Its really pretty on you." He smiled and blushed a darker red than his already rosy cheeks.

"Thanks." Liam never complemented me. Maybe things needed to change.

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