Mind over Matter

My life was perfect. I had a succesful job, a wonderful boyfriend, loving best friends, and a comfortable apartment. I lived in New York as a fashion designer. My name is Hannah Mortez. Everything was fine...until I met him.


2. Chapter 2


"Um...Hannah?" The accented voice called.

"Yes Niall?"

"I dont. Um...Have any clothes to wear." I ran quickly to my room and picked out a pair of Liam's sweat pants and a tshirt.

"Here you go." I closed my eyes and handed them to him. I heard him rustle the pants and shirt on. H ecame out with his hair wet. He stood back in the spot he was when we came in and smiled at me. "Niall, you dont have to stand...come sit next to me." He looked confused when he came and sat as far away from me as possible on the couch. His eyes drifted towards the photo of Liam and I at the park, kissing.

"Is that your husband?" He asked pointing at the photo. I chuckled.

"No.." I said drawing it out. "Thats my boyfriend, Liam"

"You look, happy in that photo." But I knew 'happy' wasnt the word he was thinking of.

"Yeah he's, sweet." But sweet wasnt the word I was looking for either. I heard his stomach rumble. "Are you hungry, when was the last time you ate?"

"I havent had a real meal...ever I dont think, not that I can remember...I live basically off what people give me." He shrugged like it was no big deal and turned his attention to the TV. I go up and went through the fridge. Liam's favorite was chicken and macaroni, it was simple for Liam's taste, but he knew I couldnt cook very well. I took the chicken out and turned the oven on. "You like chicken?" I asked putting it in the oven and taking the frozen macaroni out of the box.

"Yeah, I think so." He said, attention fixed on the screen in front of him. I leaned to see what he was watching and saw that it was some fashion model show. I laughed and he blushed. We sat on the couch and I pointed out to dresses that were knock offs of my companys until his food was done.

"This is really good,Hannah." He said with a mouthful.

"Really? Its just frozen chicken and macaroni..." I checked my watch and saw that Liam would be checking up on me in a minute. I guess I was happy with our relationship. He liked me and I knew if I turned him down it could affect my job. I had to watch what I did around Niall. Niall devoured the food in less than five minutes. He was scraping the last bits up when I took his plate. He looked at me still confused. "Im going to fix you more, Love." He smiled a huge smile and leaned back on the couch. I put the last piece of chicken on the plate and put the rest of the macaroni on. "So..Um..How long have you been homeless?" I asked handing him his plate back.

"Well Im seventeen...So...Um..." he looked down, thinking. "My parents live back in Ireland...my brother too, I moved here and had a job with one of my friends. I got fired and my apartment I was sharing with him...he kicked me out because I couldnt pay. So I had nothing left. I tried to look for other jobs, anything. No one would hire me because I had nothing to wear to work and I looked to bad for business."

"Aw. Im sorry I asked." He shook his head, still eating.

"Its fine, Love." He blushed at his own words and finished eating.

"You want some more, Niall?"

"No, Thanks. Im full." He smiled considering that was the first time he had been full for a long time.

"How long has it been Niall?" I figured he knew what I meant.

"Um, two years I think."

"Oh." Two years, in the street? Poor kid. I had more questions when Liam opened the door.

"Hello, hello!" He said holding sushi.

"Hey Liam!" I said getting up and hugging him. He pulled away roughly and looked at Niall.

"Who. Is. This?" He said making his words louder with each one. I knew his mind was drifting to cheating. "Why is he wearing my clothes?"

"Liam, this is Niall, he's homeless and I felt really sorry for him and you dont even wear those clothes anymore and he was hungry so I fed him and he is really sweet and I know you think i probably cheated but I didnt and he is my age and we have become friends and he is only staying with me until he finds a stable job." I sighed from making my words run all together. Liam grumbled and sat the food down. "Liam...you dont even live with me. You dont have to be so angry." He stared at me like I had just slapped him. He sat the food done on the table. "Well. Where is he going to sleep?" He said.

"The guest room. This apartment is big enough for the both of us until he can afford his own place." I said taking the food out of the bag. Niall was sitting at the couch with his head down. Like a puppy that had peed on the carpet. "Niall you dont have to be ashamed. Youre fine." I said. Liam kept giving me the slap look. I started eating the sushi when Niall quitely yawned. "You can go to sleep in the guest bedroom if you want Niall." He looked at Liam. Liam groaned at Niall and started eating. Niall kept his gaze with Liam as he got up. Suddenly, Niall found his voice.

"Liam, Um sir," I chuckled when he said sir, like a boy who was talking about dating a fathers teenage daughter, "I know that Hannah is yours. I do not intend in any way to steal this kind lady away from you. I promise that as soon as I find a job I'm qualified for, I'll leave out. Im sorry for any inconvienince this causes, but as long as Hannah will keep me in her home...Im willing to stay. " he smiled and turned on his heels to the guest bedroom.

"Well, I never-" Liam started, but I finished.

"Never found someone that sweet?" I said throwing my plate away and heading into the hallway. "Yeah. Me either." And with that Liam left and I went to bed.

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