Mind over Matter

My life was perfect. I had a succesful job, a wonderful boyfriend, loving best friends, and a comfortable apartment. I lived in New York as a fashion designer. My name is Hannah Mortez. Everything was fine...until I met him.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"As you can see our stock market sales have gone up since our latest line." I zoned out after that. My mind drifted to memories, Moving here as a seventeen year old last year, meeting my boyfriend, finding friends, and even the little moments stuck up in my head.

"Miss Mortez, are you paying attention?" I heard my boss call.

"Yes sir! Uh-Of course." I straigthened my notes and took my pen cap from my mouth. Mr. Barry nodded and continued droning on. I knew what was going on anyway, thanks to my latest summer-in-the-fall line business investments had gone up for the WorkIt clothing line. I was still zoned out when the meeting ended. I quickly shoved my things in my bag and ran out. I was great with sketching and designing. Paying attention to my designs or sketches? Not so much. I was living the dream. Flaunting my own style, I strutted back to my apartment. Just as I was about to reach my steps, I tripped.

"I'm so sorry." A light accented voice said. I was used to being begged for money from homeless people so I looked down at the man. He took my breath away. He was gorgeous. He had blonde hair that swept perfectly over his dirty face, the bluest blue eyes I have ever seen. He was so skinny and frail. Wearing rags and hiding in the alley next to my apartment.

"No..." My voice trailed as I bent down next to him. I touched his arm and he flinched. I smiled lightly, "Would you like to come home with me?" He looked at me skeptically and I replied with a smile. I chuckled a little. "I'm not going to hurt you!" I pulled his arm and he smiled lightly. He stood up and I could see his ribs through his light shirt. He had a holed beanie on. He was wearing torn khakis that were to small for him. He was was so pretty he could be a model. I pulled him lightly along and he kind of waddled like his leg was hurt or something. "Your name?" I asked opening the door and pulling him to the apartment mailbox section. He knitted his eyebrows together in thought.

"Um. Niall." He said as I searched through my mail.

"Last name?" He tilted his head a bit.

"Um....Horan....." I frowned in pity.

"Okay, C'mon I'll get you home so you can take a bath." He tilted his head again but followed me with his hand in mine. You have a boyfriend...I thought. But...Hes just pretty...To pretty to be on the street. I opened my door and sat down my purse.

"Im going to run you a bath." I said walking into the hallway. He stood and looked around my home. I wondered what I would tell Liam...I ran the bath and put my hand in the water. Just right. I smiled and laid a towel out. He was still standing there but looking at the couch when I cam back. "Im Hannah by the way." He smiled and walked into the bathroom that I was gesturing to. He stared at the tub and then at me. "Oh! Right." I said and closed the door. I heard the sweetest little laugh ever. I smiled and sat on the couch.

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