Hunger Games.

Book based on the Hunger Games
It was a cold day as usual. I sat in the newly made distrcits looking at pictures of Katniss Mellark. She had dissapeared. not to long ago and her children were a lot older than the picture. After she dissapeared Peeta has been so distracted and the Capitol decided to make new districts. In my house of the new/old district 12 I kept a picture of Katniss up on my wall. She was my hero and my role model. When she was gone I knew that this was the end for eveything I know.
This was the end, of freedom.


1. Chapter 1

Reaping day. This was no longer a game to remind us of the rebellion. This was cold blooded murder. I got up slowly not to wake up my parents or brother. I ran to the edge of the district imagining this is where Katniss once stood. I sat in the new planted grass and stared up at the sky. Laying my head down and running my hands through the earth. I am 12 years old. I wont get picked....I shook the thought out of my head and straigthened my wavy hair. My mom always told me I looked just like Katniss. I missed her so much. She once spoke to me about the rebellion.

*flashback to a couple of years ago*

I was smiling and waving to Katniss and her toddlers as she was standing hand and hand with Peeta. She spotted me after her visit and talked to me for a bit.

"You look a lot like me..." She said.

"Ive been told that." I said smiling wide. She smiled politely and gave me a hug. While still hugging me she whispered.

"That might not always be a good thing." I looked at her.


"You might not want to flaunt being like me. My life wasnt easy. And neither will yours." Peacekeepers eyed her and she nodded at me and walked away with her children and Peeta.

*flashback over*

Like Peeta would have his mind on the games. My name was in there a lot because my fathers coal job was failing. I entered in more to get food. My name was in there quite alot. Someone tapped my shoulder and I shot straight up.

"Ow!!!" I turned and saw Liam holding his nose.

"You shouldnt have scared me!" I said taking his hand away from his nose. "Its not even that bad..." I said straigthening his nose.

"Ow!" He repeated. He was 14, just 2 years older than me but I was clearly the mature one. He grabbed me up and smiled. "Reaping day!" He said reaching into his bag. He pulled out something.

It was a mocking jay pin.

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