The secret

Emily has a secret a BIG secret. She's a wolf or you can say werewolf. But when she bumps into someone she changes forever. He is curios about what she's hiding when she bumped into him and ran off. Please no hate and enjoy!:) banana love10


3. Why

                                                                      Nialls P.O.V

       I looked back and it was Zayn. Wait what? How? Was he a vampire or something? Yep I saw him take a giant leap over Emily and started chasing me. I ran as fast as I could but he got me. "Zayn let me go!" I said. "Not unless you do what I say," he said evily. "Zayn stop you're hurting your best friend!" I yelled. He let me go and ran off. He probably felt guilty. Emily ran over to me. "NIALL! Are you ok? Did he turn you?" She said and started hugging me. "I'm fine and he didn't bite me," i said. "Thats weird once a vampire gets a hold of someone, they either kill them or turn them," she said. "Well he didn't because.... he's my best friend," I said. She was about to say something but I said "But I didn't know he was a vampire until now," I said.

                                                                               Zayns P.O.V

          I ran off not feeling guilty but to turn the rest of the boys and bringing them to turn Niall and his friend. I got back to the house and said "Why don't everyone give Zayn a hug?" I asked and they shrugged. I soon turned all of them and said to turn Niall and his friend too. We got there and saw Niall and that one girl talking. I ran over to her but she was fast enough to put a force field on and I banged my head on it. "You're probably here to turn Niall aren't you?" The girl said. "Duhhh I'm here to turn both of you," I said. "I find that hard to belive because you can't turn me," she said. "What do you mean?" I said. "I mean I'm a wolf!"she said and turned into a wolf. "Fine then I'll turn Niall," I said. "I also find that hard to belive," she said. "wait wait I got it you turned him to,"I said. "False I'm about to turn him," she said. "Also this shield is up so you can't," she said. "Zayn, why do you even want to turn me?" Niall said. "Uhuhuh," I said. "Well I don't want to be a vampire!" Niall said. "Hmp," I said and left and also Liam, Louis, and Harry.


                                                                                   Emilys P.O.V

        Niall's 'friends' left probably scared that they would wet their pants. "Niall do you want to be a werewolf?" I asked. "Well I don't want to be vampire so yeah," he said. "Ok this might be a  little painful." I said as I bit him. "Oww," He said then he passed out. Good now we wait. I put him in my bed in the den and put the covers over him. The den is dirty. I sleep on the floor when I'm a werewolf and on the bed when I'm a human. I turned into a werewolf and went to bed.

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