The secret

Emily has a secret a BIG secret. She's a wolf or you can say werewolf. But when she bumps into someone she changes forever. He is curios about what she's hiding when she bumped into him and ran off. Please no hate and enjoy!:) banana love10


4. New person, new powers

                                                                       Nialls P.O.V

        I woke up in a den remembering about last night. I'm a wolf now. i saw a wolf sleeping on the ground which I'm guessing it was Emily. I sat there on my phone until Emily got up. "Morning sleepyhead," I said. "Morning," She said sounding tired.  "Make breakfast I wanna learn wolf stuff!" I sorta yelled. "Fine fine go get ready," she mumbled getting up. "But I have no clothes to wear after my shower!" I whined. "Its called don't-take-a-shower-because-I-have-no-plumbing-or-electricity," She said. "Now come on we eat animals for breakfast," She said. "Fine," I said.

                                                                                                      Emilys P.O.V

         We go for breakfast and hunt. Niall caught 2 bunnies and 1 fox. I caught 4 bunnies. "Now can you teach me my powers?" Niall begged. "Sure," I said and started teaching him. -----SKIP TEACHING---- "Did I learn all of them?" Niall asked. "All that I know," I said.                                             



                        A/N Sorry for the short chapters I'm really busy and my sis hogs the computer and I'm like broke so I can't get a laptop and my sis just waits until the money comes out of the sky >:( So ya. Keep reading and I'll try to update :) banana love10

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