The secret

Emily has a secret a BIG secret. She's a wolf or you can say werewolf. But when she bumps into someone she changes forever. He is curios about what she's hiding when she bumped into him and ran off. Please no hate and enjoy!:) banana love10


2. Is that you?

                                                                                Emilys P.O.V

       That was close. WAY too close. What was I thinking when I stood and stared. What if he was one too? Nah I didn't feel the wolf in him. But what if he comes and finds me again? I was thinking when I was walking again and bumped into him. I ran off when I looked up to see it was him. Ugh Emily! stop running away from him! Man I'm stupid.

                                                                               Nialls P.O.V

      The same wolf that I saw ran into me! What a weird wolf! It ran away and looked back and stared again! I swear that wolf was on to me. I took one step and it stayed. I took another and it stayed. I kept walking to her (I think its a her) and soon I started to pet her she sat and let me pet her. "Emily? is that you?" I asked. "Yes," she like mind talked. "what are you and how do you like mind talk?" I asked. "It's simple I'm a wolf or you can a call me a werewolf, and I have magical powers," she said. "Thats cool but are there like vampires and dragons and stuff here?" I asked. "Only wolves and other forest animals I think there might be some vampires," She said. "Ok but what if some vampire came out of nowhere?" I asked a bit scared. "I will protect you," she said and turned into a human. Then she showed me her magic. I was amazed. Then she turned back to a wolf. "Get on my back I want to show you something," She said and I got on her back and she ran REALLY fast. Then we arrived a mansion. "You probably thought we were going to the mansion but its this hill I always go to when I'm sad or something like that," she said. "Why do you want to show me this?" I asked while we got on top of the hill. "Because its like magical up here like this is where all the magic in the forest comes from," she said, while motioning me to get off her back. She turned back to a human and we sat down. "So like what powers do you have?" I asked "Flying, fire, water, earth, air, speed, strength, and other stuff," she said and did all of her powers. "Thats really cool," I said then there was noises coming from the trees. Emily got up and I'm guessing she used X-ray vision to see through the trees and see who it is. "Run vampires are here," She said and I ran as fast as I could. I looked back and I couldn't belive my eyes of who it was.

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