Sweet Innocence

He's different. He's not like others. He can do things only seen in movies. And yet, Zayn Malik blends in perfectly. He roams the earth with others, trying to live out a life that has been given to them for eternity. They shouldn't attach themselves to others, but he has broken that rule, and now there are consequences. He must keep moving and forget about her, the one who showed him to love again, Tyler Sullivan. But will he?


2. It Can't Be

Zayn's POV:

   "So... What's a girl like you doing here?" Liam asks Tyler from across the table. She smiles and searches for an answer.

    "I don't know, really. Just needed to get out, I guess," she answers giggling. They all nod and hum in agreement. I look down at Tyler and take her in. She really is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen, and I've seen many. She's deeply tan and petite. Her long light brown hair is in ringlets framing her small face, with white flowers crowning her head.  She has sky blue eyes that light up whenever she laughs, and deep dimples that compliment her smile. She looks so innocent, doll like almost, in her light pink dress.

   "Zayn?" I hear Harry call out, bringing my attention away from Tyler and back to the others.

    "Hmm,"  I answer fighting the urge to blush. The boys all have cheeky smiles plastered on. I know exactly what they're thinking. 'Shut up,' I think and quickly get wolf whistles thrown at me. Thankfully it was mentally and Tyler didn't hear anything. This is just one of the many perks of not being human.

   "We... Erm... Were asking you what drink you wanted, but I guess you're busy," Louis says with a devilish grin. I throw him a look knowing I lost the battle and begin to feel my cheek warm.

    "Uh, yeah," I manage to say not wanting to show any embarrassment, "I'll have... Whatever he's having." I point to Louis. The waitress, a tall, tan woman with brown straight hair, writes down the drink. She turns to Tyler.

    "I'm fine," she says. I focus on the glass in front of me, but  tune into her thoughts. 'I should get something. It'll help me get my mind off of Zack.' 

    I turn back to the waitress and say, "Get her a Jack Daniels." The waitress nods and walks off. The rest of the boys look at me. They heard her thought as well and smile at me.

   "Thanks," Tyler says to me with a smile. 

    "So... Tyler. You have a boyfriend?" Harry asks running his hands through his curls then flipping it. She looks a bit nervous to answer.

    "You don't have to answer," Niall states noticing her face grow pale.

    "No. Not anymore, " she answers barely audible. I feel my heart rise, knowing that she's not taken. The lads look at me, hearing my thoughts. They wait for a reaction from me.

     "Oh," I say just as the drinks arrive. We each take our drinks.

     "Shit," Tyler says staring at the bar. We all look over and find a tall man ordering a drink. He kind of looks like... 'Zack,'  I hear all the boys think. We look at Zack then back at each other. Zack is nothing, but trouble. He's been a problem for us for years, and I mean years. He turns to us hearing his name, and an evil smile spreads across his face. 

   "Zayn?" Tyler whispers clutching onto my jacket. I turn to her and see fear overtake her features. "It can't be," she says and cowards behind me.

   "Tyler, do you know him?" Liam asks noticing Tyler's new state. I turn to see Zack slowly making his way over.

    "It's Zack, my ex boyfriend," she answers with a shaky voice. My heat stops at the words, 'My ex boyfriend'.  

    "Boys, take Tyler," I instruct. Knowing Zack and what he does, there was no way I was going to let him touch her. The boys oblige and Tyler looks at  Zack  then at me. "Go. You'll be okay. I promise," I say and she nods her head and follows the boys.

     I watch as Harry and Liam take a hold of each of her hands. She looks back at me taking her bottom lip between her teeth. I give her a reassuring smile then turn to find Zack inches away from my face. 

    "What's up, Zayn?" he greets peering around me. I watch as his eyes follow Tyler and the boys. 

    "Nothing much. And you?" I say back trying to bring his attention away from Tyler.

    "Everything's good, or at least it was, until I see my girlfriend with you and your posy," he says glaring at me.

    "Your girlfriend? I was Informed that you two had broken up," I say returning the glare.

   "Well you were wrongly informed. Now excuse me I need to take what's rightfully mine," he says and tries to push past me, but I don't budge.

   "I don't think so. I think she's done with you," I say standing my ground.

    Zack flashes his fangs at me then growls, "Move."

   I shake my head. "You don't want to make a scene, do you?" I ask narrowing my eyes, "Remember what happened last time?"

   This seems to bring Zack off his cloud. He backs off, "I'll show you. You'll wake up one day and find everything you know and love gone." He turns around and stalks off. I let out breath I didn't even know I was holding.

   So many questions rush through my head as I walk out of the club. 'Does she know about him? What he is? If so how much does she know? 

   I'm hit by a cool breeze as I step out. I walk over to my car and get in. I turn on the ignition as I pull my phone out.

   "Hello?" I hear Louis answer on the other end of the phone.

   "Hey. Where you guys at?" I ask.

    "We're back at the house."

    "Is Tyler still with you guys?"

     "Yeah. How'd it go?"

     "It went well. He almost lost it, but I reminded him about what happened last time."

     "Did he say anything?" 

     "Yeah. Lou, I think we need to keep an eye on Tyler. She's not safe."

     "You don't need to tell me twice. She's scared out of her mind right now."

     "Has she mentioned anything about knowing?" 

     "No, but I feel like she knows something."

     "Okay. Well I'll see you guys soon."


    I hang up and continue driving.  I'm going to keep Tyler safe. I need to. 




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