Everything About Us

Jazzy And Her Cousin Liam are spending time together for summer ad with there familys.. Will she go out with her crush Niall ?


2. Chapter 2

It was a regular lazy day doing nothing when i heard the knock on my door. i guess my mom heard it because she said MARY ANSWER THE DOOR ! from all the way to the kitchen,, umm okay! im getting it. its barely 11;30 and i had to get off the couch.. great! i get up and answer the door. IT WAS LIAM AND HIS FAMILY! OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS ARE HERE! i thought you'd be here tomorrow? Nope i guess not.. They all gave me a hug at once well liam and his sister then it was my uncle and aunt, oh by the way there hugs are so tight and they squish me.. i dont want to be rude so i dont tell them that. but this time they saw me and said ahh mary.. sorry! its alright well let me get your things and ill put it by the stairs.. oh no honey well get it later. Okay.. well let me get my mom.. MOOMMMMMMMMMMMM! THERE HERE! Yeah i screamed they all giggled a little. my mom soon came and was excited to see everyone and gave them hugs.. they sent us off well me and liam to go outside i dont know so i guess they can talk. well me and liam can bond to.

we headed outside .. WAIT LET ME GET MY IPOD! Be back in 0 to 5 seconds. okay got it lets go outside.

Well.. LIAAM! I missed you cousin.. hows it been? oh its been good ha and you ? same here.. while we were talking i went on facebook.. twitter and instagram,, those apps are my favorite.


ill finish later ... sorry guys;/

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