This reminds me of a little girl lost and lonely.


2. Scarlet Rose

As i dream I think of you

The dew on the grass

So many gardens

With scarlet roses


The smell so sweet

The bright colors

Like blood flowing

All around


As you lay on the ground

With thorns that hurt

I lay my pains down

My scarlet rose


Love comes to me

In the form

Of a rose

With life so full


I'm on fire

With shadows of you

I see mirrors

Of scaret rose


As you rise to greet  the day

I think of kisses

Sweeter then wine

My scarlet rose


Sweet promises are made

As the veil comes off

You move in the light

Such pure delight


Thoughts run through my head

Of you running along

A spring in every step

Sweet scarlet rose


You are the pretty flower

That blooms each day

Those petals so soft

Along the way


My gaze is upon you

Your eyes so bright

Lips so full

Sweet scarlet rose


My memory lingers

As the thoughts come

What would I do

Without scarlet rose




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