This Again.

Mmk. So for a while I was obsessed with Percy Jackson. I've been a writer for awhile and decided to make one of these. This is basically the girl version of Percy Jackson. But shorter, of course. Apologies to any incorrectly spelled words. And the whole Anabeth and Percy plunging into an dark hole didn't happen, kay? Kay.


1. Man I hate that kid.

I was once again picking food out of my hair in my room. "Man I hate that kid." I told Oliver, my best-guy-friend was trying to help me pull salad out of my wild brown locks. "Me too, Hannah." My head jerked as he pulled a carrot out of one of my curls and I squealed. "Sorry.." he mumbled. I sighed and tied my hair back pushing Oliver's hands away. "Its no use Ollie, he'll just do it again tomorrow." Oliver sighed and rubbed his neck. He must have been held back a few years, because now I was in a home for 'troubled' children. I wasn't troubled....besides always getting in trouble and causing the occasional flood. It wasn't my fault! Water likes me. I guess... Anyways, I had been to a lot of schools, mostly because my good-for-nothing step father hated me. Why my mom loves that man I'll never know. I guess I could run away from here, I have before, but I like one teacher...Mr. Brunner he taught us all about greek and roman history, and every friday he would wear a coat of armour. Anyways, I had dyslexia and ADHD. Maybe I am troubled. I brushed my hair out and gave Ol a hug. (Ol or Ollie is Oliver's nickname) Everyone teased of us dating but it didn't matter, I knew he didn't like me and he knew I didn't like him. Ol was very feeble, skinny with a little beard and fluffy hair he wore crutches and limped. But don't let that fool you. You should see him run when it's taco day. We lived in New York, but I was hoping for not much longer, my mom might be getting a job at a bakery her boss is opening. She used to bring me all the purple cupcakes. Purple was and is my favorite color. When I was little, she would get all the purple candy and bring it home in a large bag for me. Then we'd sit on the couch and eat candy and watch movies until I fell asleep, and when it was time for me to go to school, she started working full time, I was put in the "special" class for being dyslexic. I had to take medicine to "control myself" really I would just throw in the corner of the nurses office and go wild in P.E. I used to get into a lot of fights, too. Mostly with kids that made fun of me, this one time, with a kid named Aleesha, shekept pulling my hair in 3rd grade. I got so mad and was just staring at her, when the water fountain exploded and she got all wet. I was expelled, but my mom told me it was just a faulty pipe. As Ol walked out of my room, I smiled and took the picture of my mom and my dad out from my pillow case, my dad left us when I was born, though my mom always told me it was for my own good, how in the world can a parent leaving a child be a good thing? I don't know anymore. I put my picture back and sighed. I knew Drew would just put more food in my hair tomorrow, so I sighed and turned off my lamp. I closed my eyes expecting another dream about monsters, or boys, but tonight it was so much worse.

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