This Again.

Mmk. So for a while I was obsessed with Percy Jackson. I've been a writer for awhile and decided to make one of these. This is basically the girl version of Percy Jackson. But shorter, of course. Apologies to any incorrectly spelled words. And the whole Anabeth and Percy plunging into an dark hole didn't happen, kay? Kay.


2. I accidently vaporize my alegebra teacher.

I was in the dark. Alone. "Is anyone there?' I called walking through the endless darkness. There was a voice coming from behind me, "I'll always protect you, Hannah." The voice said. I turned around, "Who are you?" I called in the direction of the voice. "I'm always watching you, I'll always protect you." It was a male voice, and it sounded oddly familiar. It was the voice that I couldsometimes hear in my head, the one that appeared whenever I did something bad.  "Who are you?" I called again. A hand appeared on my shoulder. I turned around to see a man shining through the darkness. His face was pale and he was tall, with stunning blue eyes like mine. "I'm your father."

"HANNAH!" I jumped up. I stuck my hand to my head and wiped the sweat from my forehead. "It was just a dream.." I mumbled. Oliver pulled my arm. "Hannah..." he whined. "We have to go! Field trip time." I mumbled curse words and pushed him out of my dorm room to get dressed. I threw on my only pair of skinny jeans and a sweat shirt. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was short, 5'3" with wild brown curls that I could never seem to calm. I had icy blue eyes that Oliver always told me if you looked long enough they looked like ocean water swaying. But it didn't matter, boys didn't look at me anyway. Most of them were scared at me for some reason. I put my phone, pocket knife, wallet with the little bit of money I own. I ran down the hallways to where our class was going to the Greek Museum. I met Oliver out of breathe. "There you are! Whoa you look good." I laughed and dabbed under my eyes with my fingers making sure my makeup hadn't ran. We sat together in the back of the bus where we usually do. "Oh look at the love birds!" Drew laughed turning around in his seat. "We're just friends!" Ol mumbled. Drew made kisses face at us. "Keep doing that I mumbled." The bus rocked as we entered a small gravel road leading to the museum. The road had a lake from the side that we were travelling on. Oliver put his hand on my leg "Don't" He whispered. "Oh is Hannah getting all mad, isn't she?" I stood up to face him, he was sitting on his knees turned around in the seat. "What cha gonna do?" He smiled his ugly smile. He was tall, skinny, had pimples popping from every spot on his face. My breathing got uneven as I glared at him more. "I'm not afraid to hit a girl." He murmured. My words came out in a breath. "Neither am I." He glared at me and raised his fist. CRASH. I fell over onto the floor. Oliver slid out of the seat and next to me. I heard Drew scream. The water from the lake had stirred and crashed through his window. The water flooded him and almost seemed to form to his body. Others stared at him as the water fell off of him and and flooded the floor. "IT WAS HANNAH'S FAULT!"  He sceamed. "HANNAH DID IT!" I looked at Oliver for help. "HOW COULD I HAVE CAUSED THAT?" I screamed looking around for witnesses. Oliver was shaking with fear as Mrs. Dobbs stepped toward me. "EVERYONE OFF THE BUS, Hannah come with me." I looked at Oliver in fear because Mrs. Dobbs had always hated me. I sighed and walked with her stepping over the shaking Drew.

We were in a room with pictures of greek gods and godesses, I looked around and saw a statue of Posideon. "Hannah, get out. This is not safe." I looked around for a voice but no one was there. Not even Mrs. Dobbs.... "Mrs. Dobbs?" I looked up and she was perched on a piece of wood coming from one of the walls. "WHOA! Um you should get down, you're going to get hurt..." I said looking back up at her.  "WHERE IS IT?" She hissed. I gave her a questioning look. "WHERE IS THE BOLT?"  "WHAT BOLT?" I said throwing my arms up in frustration. "HAND IT OVER TO ME." She hissed again flying to me. She turned into some kind of demon with wings and flew toward me. I ran and heard people bust through the doors. Mr. Brunner rolled in his wheel chair towards me. "Touch her and I'll tear you to pieces!" "PERSEUS HANNAH!" I cringed at my first name, I was named after a boy. Ugh. Mr. Brunner threw a pen at me. I reached for it, but when it touched my hand it was a sword. Mrs. Dobbs looked at me with a muderous look in her eyes and screamed "Die, Sweety!" My knees were jelly and I almost dropped the sword. I swung it and I heared a shrill scream. Mrs. Dobbs turned to ash. I looked over to see Mr. Brunner and Oliver gone. And the sword was just a ballpoint pen in my hand again.










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