When One Direction is in Romainia everyone is having a blast, all except Niall who is going crazy about Vanpires. Read this breathtaking story with alot of twists and turns.


4. This cannot be happening

Sarah's P.O.V.

"HELP!!" Sarah heard Harry call.

She ran to the stage where the guys were performing. She hooped up on stage and ran to Nialls side. He was lieing on the floor and was still as a rock and barly breathing. She placed her hand on his neck to check his pulse, but it was getting dimmer and dimmer. Paul came over with the paramedics and put him on a gurney.

"Sarah drive the boys to the hospital" Paul said.

"Harry, Zayn, Liam' and Louis get in the van" I yelled at them. Then i told Sky to clean up the barff on my friend Ivy.


I was driving the guys to the hospital and trying to calm them down. They were bawling there hearts out like crazy. Saying things like "We should have never performed" and "We should have cancled".

"Boys it's gonna be ok we're almost there" I hope but i didn't say that part.

When they arrived at the biulding the boys speed out of the van and ran into the hospital then moped out at snail speed of the biulding.

"What's wrong" I said. Imeadiatly started crying and bawling. "What did they say" I say confused.

"H-H-He's G-G-Gone!" Louis shuddered and started bawling again with the rest of the guys.

"Well what are you gonna do keep porforming or not?"

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