When One Direction is in Romainia everyone is having a blast, all except Niall who is going crazy about Vanpires. Read this breathtaking story with alot of twists and turns.


1. Prologue

Niall's P.O.V.

"NIALL" Harry shouted "time to hop on the plane to Transylvania"

"Coming" Niall shouted from the other room. He'd been dreading the trip for days, mostly because he'd been reading to many Vampire books at night, and just will be paranoid out of his mind.

'Niall time to go we're gonna be late!" shouted Liam "do you want to let your fans down?"

"I'm comming" shouted Niall as he walked through the door.

"Well you better 'cuz Romainia will not be the same without you" replied Zayn.

"So. . . let's get your ass on that plane boy" said Louis.

"Hold on I need to check if my pencil is still there" he opens his suitcase to check for the wooden stake, on the safe side to make sure he wasn't hallucinating.

"Dang you Niall why do you have that for? Louis said noticing the big piece of wood in his hands.

"What the fuck do you mean" Niall said trying to hide his fear.

"The pointy stick thing in your hands" replied Harry.

"Let's just hop on the plane" Niall said trying to change the subject.

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