When One Direction is in Romainia everyone is having a blast, all except Niall who is going crazy about Vanpires. Read this breathtaking story with alot of twists and turns.


3. Paranoid

Niall's P.O.V.

When Niall came thru the door the screams and shouts hit him hard, so hard he hid behind Harry and clung to him for protection. He had to put on his game face so he tryed to smile but he betted to himself thet it was not good. The girl bodygard lead them to the privite limmo. He still clund to Harry on the walk there and in the car. Intill Harry said "Niall please get off me."

"Ok" he wispered in his ear.

"Ya Niall Harry is not your teddybear" Louis quoted.

"Come on Niall" Laim said trying to pry his hands off of Harry.

Fineally after twenty minutes of trying to get him off they succeeded.

"Niall please don't try to squieze the life out of me again" Harry said in a highpitched voice.

"Ya Niall what bothering you?" Zayn said in a conserned voice.

"Vampires" Niall said barely above a whisper.

"Niall it's ok you will be fine with us" Laim said trying to calm Niall.

"We're here" Paul there security gard said.

"Time for practice" Harry said.


Practice went horrible. He kept hitting the wrong notes, saying the wrong words, fell in a drum, and last and worst of all he barffed in Zayn's hat.

"Time to perform" Paul anounced.

"Time to go" Laim said

They went and got their microphones and headded to the stage when Harry said "It's not to late to cancle"

"No" he responded."The show must go on"

As they headed towards the stage he felt queasy "It's nothing" he told himself.

They got on the stage and opened with "Kiss You" then sang "Little Things". When they started "One Way Or Another" he went up to the front of the stage and when they sung the lyrics "One way, or another, I'm gonna find ya I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha" he barffed on a blonde and then the room got dark.

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