When One Direction is in Romainia everyone is having a blast, all except Niall who is going crazy about Vanpires. Read this breathtaking story with alot of twists and turns.


2. Found you

Sarah's P.O.V.

Sarah woke up to the mornig sun of Romainia. She had waist legnth brown hair and blue eyes. She got out of bed and got dressed in her security outfit and walked out the door into the hall. she droped by her friend Ivy's room. Ivy was running around and going toltal fangirl over one slip of paper in her hands the size of a ticket, so i said "what you got there?"

"A front row ONE DIRECTION TICKET!!!!!" she screams in one breath.

"seriously?" I say in disbelief.

"Yep! I did" Ivy responded.

"Cool then I will see you at the concert i will be working security" I said

"Then i will see you there." Ivy said.

She continued the way down the stairs and walked into the kitchen and sat down and ate some Frosted Flakes. She then walked into the garage and got into her 4x4 and blasted "Scream and Shout" by and Briteny Spears and drove out of the driveway and turned on the highway.


When she got passed the rabbid fans and headded towards the place where their jet will land she got into place accros from the side of her partner Sky and looked at him. He had red-brown hair and big muscles and looked like a gay Chuck Norris.

"They will be here any minute" he said.

"Ok" I responded.

Just then the boys walked thru the door and thousands of fans started screaming and hollering. Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Liam waved at the fan and the crowed whent crazy. Niall just stood behind Harry and had a phony grin on his face and looked miserable.


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