Flying through the sky. The fastest way to travel, until you throw up. Ally has always found this, but she has loved birds, especially big ones. Although, her family has a big secret, that no one has bothered to tell her before.


2. Home - A Castle

I walked in, flipped off my boots, and yelled. Charlotte yelled back. This was good, usually got on my parents nerves. Even though, my mum came clatttering down the stone stairs, moving the big red rug slightly out of place. Charlotte tutted. she would have to sort it out later. Mum tripped over the last step, but if anyone didn't know her, they would've thought her drunk rather than clumsy and excited (a dangerous pair!).  I was like her, clumsy, and excitable (another dangerous pair), yet I was strangley sound on the scottish cliffs. I just feel at ease. At ease with the world.

"Hi, Mum." I groaned. Excitedness, means annoyingness when you are her, or dealing with a grumpy 16yr old like me.

"Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooo, darling! Where have you been? On the cliffs? I know you love it up there!" She babbled like a rushing brook. "As it's Sunday, it is a roast, Charlotte thought we would have duck for a change. And I'm having some people over aswell, so you'd better be on best behaviour! I know you can do that, though. You are allways very well behaved! You have to see the bird, it's masssssssssssssssssssssssive, and I can only wonder what pond- or rather lake- it could've come from! Look, look, look, loook, looook! Come see, come see, come see!" Charlotte and I both rolled our eyes. It took a while to calm her down.

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