She's the One

Hey people this is my first movella. Please read my book. I really hope you like it. I only 13. So please be careful of wait you comment. I will update on the weekends and if i can during the week. Love you guys! Kayla finds herself on a trip with her 4 best friends. There's a little mix up to where they will be staying and can't find anywhere to stay. There are no hotels for miles. What will happen Kayla and her best friends?


17. Uh oh!! (before concert)

Dani's POV:


Liam and I went to the zoo. It was so much fun! We played on the playground and looked at all of the animals. I had so much fun being a kid again. It felt so good. It got late. Like 6:00. “Liam, do you think that we should start heading back to the hotel?”“I guess.......the concert starts in like a hour. So yeah.” e went back to his blue sports car and got in. The cold air brush my shoulders and arms making me shiver. Liam presses a button that puts the hood up. He roles up the windows and gives me his jacket. I look at it at first, then think of how cold I am and take the offer. Now I am worried that he will get cold. We got back to the hotel and walked through hand-in-hand. We get in the elevator and wait for the doors to close. When the doors closed I felt his lips rythmitically against mine. Gentle, soft, warm, sweet, and just plain old passionate. 


Kayla's POV:


I look at the time and decide that it's time to get ready. I walk up to my room and pull the 1D outfit that I had gotten from Rebecca when she went to the 1D store. She bought me a Niall t-shirt and some jeans that said, “1D” on one of the back pockets. And to tie it all together I am going to wear my 1D shoes. I am just going 1D style! I put a headband on top of all of the clothes and went down stairs to take a quick shower. While I was walking down the stairs, I felt like I was being watched. I turn around to find Niall standing right behind me. I let out a giggle,“you scared me.” I let the giggle turn into my flirty laugh and hugged him. “I guess I did. And im not a very good scarer. I love when you laugh.”“awwwww thanks Niall. Your so sweet. I have to take a shower. I'm starting to get ready for the concert. Shouldn't you get ready too?” he gives me a kiss before saying something. “I guess I should. It doesn't take me long though. I will get ready.” just then Dani and Liam walk through the elevator door. “did you guys enjoy your night?” they both said,“yeah, we went to the zoo.”yup they are meant to be. “good. I know I had a great night tonight.” trying not to brag. They both say,“that's good. What did you guys do?”“oh we went out and had diner at tually nando's and then came here and snuggled up while watching a movie. That's all. Nothing big. You guys should probably get ready. It getting close to concert time!!!!!”I finish talking and head to the the shower. I jump in and within ten minutes in out!!!! Woooo!!! World record!!!! I walk to my room and put the clothes on. I run down stairs and into the bathroom. I put my makeup on and do my hair. I decided to straighten it, but curl the ends. I took a big chunk in the front and pinned it back to the side. I walk into the living room with fifteen minutes more. The girls must have came when I was taking a shower and getting dressed because they all walked down the hallway one-by-one. 


Rebecca's POV:


Me and Harry arrived back at the room and quickly went to our rooms to change. I pulled out a Harry t-shirt and pulled it on. I put some black skinny jeans on and put some makeup on. I dont go crazy on the makeup like some people do. (cough cough* Harry girls, cough, cough*) I walk out and find all the girls in almost the same outfits. Do you think we will blend in? HELL YEAH. Those girls just pile makeup and wear shirts that are too low, and wear short short denim shorts. Us. We don't do stuff like that. We actually like to cover ourselves up. We walk down to the living room one-by-one. We see Kayla waiting for us on her iPhone. She is probably texting Niall. We all look at each other and run back to our rooms. We came out and double checked to see if we didn't forget anything. We walked back down the hallway and saw Kayla now on the couch curled up and crying. We ran over and looked at her phone. She was on twitter. She had gotten hate and she was trying to say something to the tweets. We interrupted her though. When we ran over she pressed close. She wiped her eyes and looked at us,“guys I'm fine really. It's just twitter. Don't get worried. ” I texted Niall


To Niall :)


From:Rebecca Torres


Hey Niall um Kayla got hate tweets and is really sad. Have any advice?


Becky :}<3


To:Rebecca Torres 


From:Niall :)


Yeah actually. Um just make sure that she hangs in there for the night. She just needs to ignore it and move on. You just got me really worried. :/


Niall :D


Niall's POV:


After Rebecca had talked to me, she had me really worried about Kayla. I should ask Harry or Louis. They like the experts when it comes to this stuff. Louis was doing some vocal rehearsals and Harry was in the lounge. I went to Harry first. “Harry? Can I ask you a question?”“yeah of course. What's up?”“ well..... Kayla got hate tweets. Becca just texted me what happened and told me that she was crying. I'm really worried.” Harry fixes his hair and I sit down next to him. “well, did you tell Becca to tell her to get over it and move on?”“yeah. That was the first thing I said. What else?”“

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