She's the One

Hey people this is my first movella. Please read my book. I really hope you like it. I only 13. So please be careful of wait you comment. I will update on the weekends and if i can during the week. Love you guys! Kayla finds herself on a trip with her 4 best friends. There's a little mix up to where they will be staying and can't find anywhere to stay. There are no hotels for miles. What will happen Kayla and her best friends?


8. The start

Rebecca's POV:


I wake up to no one around me and I'm in the living room. I look over and see everyone in the kitchen. They were looking for some food. Then I hear Harry say,“We should probably wake them up.” then Liam said,“I call Danielle!” running into her bedroom. Then after that I hear Harry say,“I call Rebecca!!” running over to me. I sut my eyes as fast as I can and hear Niall say,“I call Kayla!” while running over to Kayla. It may take him a while. It's not easy to wake her up. Seriously, it take about a half hour to get to actually wake her up out of her deep, deep, deep sleep. Then Louis says,“Me get Eleanory!” with a big smile on his face. We all get up except for Kayla. I walk into her bedroom and yell in her  and put my mouth to her face,“KAYLA MCGOVERN GET UP THIS INSTANT!!!!” all she does is groan. I have an idea. I say“everybody get out for two seconds. I have an idea.” I put my mouth up to her her and scream as loud as I can. “WHAT THE HE DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS WAS THAT FOR!!!!!! YOU ALMOST BROKE MY EAR DRUM!!!!!!” she says. I just giggle.


Kayla's POV:


Ok I just woke up to my friend screaming in my face. What is wrong with this situation?! All I wanted was sleep. That's it. Just peaceful sleep. I don't have that anymore she has,now, my full I can't go back to sleep. Greeeeeat. Just wonderful. I don't get sleep but they do! Oh well. What are you gonna do scream in their face? Ahhhhhh what? It's not like I would do that. Ha ha ha. Oh my god I wish I could though. Oh wait I already did. Thats right. Oh well better get up. I get up and walk into the bathroom. I look in the mirror. Oh my god. I look like I just rubbed my head against my pillow! I run back into my room while everyone else is slowly getting out. I rush past them and grab my brush. I don't think I've ever ran that fast in my life. I quickly brush it down and get dressed I run into the living room. And stop to casually walk down the steps into the living room. I look at the time and see that it's 10:00! Man am I glad that I have friends that wake me up before they do anything. I walk over to the couch and sit next to Niall. Man is he cute. I look at him and our eyes meet. I quickly look away. I feel myself blush. He says,“do you guys wanna go down stairs for breakfast/lunch?” we all nod and get into the elevator. I look down at what im wearing. Man this isn't very cute. It's a black tank top with some denam shorts and a light colored shirt. Not my best, but not my worst.


Harry's POV: 


We all get down stairs and walk up to the buffet, grab our plates and start to put food on our plates. I grab for the bacon and so does Rebecca. I can feel her soft skin under my skin. She is so soft. I pull my hand away and let her grab one then I grab one. She looks up at me and says,“sorry did you want that piece?” I nod yes and say,“it's fine I already grabbed that looks better. Ill be over there with the rest of the group and find a table for 10” she nods looks back at the bacon and grabs another piece. I start to walk when I realized that wanted to ask her something. I turn around and say,“hey um do you want to like go out some time?” she nods her head yes and goes back to the bacon. I turn around and say a silent yes! As I walk away. I tell Louis. He says,“oh that means I better start working on Eleanor. But good for you mate!” I help them find a table and we all sit down. I sit next to Rebecca, Niall next to Kayla and I think they are holding hands, Zayn next to Jasmin, Louis next to Eleanor, and Liam next to Danielle and I think that they are holding hands too! Man it's like a bunch of dates! No wait......... Love sene!! Even better. We have our lunch and go back upstairs to the room. I go to Rebecca's room just like everyone else that are here(except they are all in different rooms), I walk in and sit next to her on her bed and whisper,“hi” she jumps and says,“what the?” she looks at me and smiles. I smile and tell her to meet me at the roof top at 7:00 to night.  I walk and breath. I look back at the door I just went through and just smile at it and walk into Niall screaming at the top of his lungs(which is very loud as you all know),“YYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!” he gets up and hugs me and then runs into his room continuing to scream. I block my ears and walk casually into the living room. I sit down and think about the wonderful night I will have planned for me and Becca. That's what I'm gonna call her, Becca. I smile and turn to go to the elevator when the rest of the boys do the same thing as Niall run right into their rooms. Then I hear nothing for the next three minutes. I head up to the roof top to look at it. It is beautiful. I walk over to the edge and look out at the city. There is nothing like looking at a city on a date.

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