She's the One

Hey people this is my first movella. Please read my book. I really hope you like it. I only 13. So please be careful of wait you comment. I will update on the weekends and if i can during the week. Love you guys! Kayla finds herself on a trip with her 4 best friends. There's a little mix up to where they will be staying and can't find anywhere to stay. There are no hotels for miles. What will happen Kayla and her best friends?


10. The first date (continued)

I walk around the table to her. She stands and looks deep into my green eyes and says,“I love you”I stare into her chocolate brown eyes and kiss her. She kisses back. I pull away and look at her beautiful eyes and I say,“I love you more.” I pull so close there is no gap between us. I kiss her again and pull apart and say, “we should go back to the room.” we walk to the elevator and press the covered button(our room button). She says she is getting tired. So I help her get out of the elevator. I say,“I'll carry you to your room. You can go to bed and put some pajamas on love. Ok?” she nods and I pick her up and put her down in her room. She closes the door. 


Rebecca's POV:


Oh my go. I can't believe I just kissed Harry Styles!!!! I run over to my suit case and pull out some pj's. I put them on and open the door so Harry can come in. He walks in in some baggy sweat pants and a t-shirt, turned around facing the other direction. I wanna scare him. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Oh, I got it. I sneak up on him and say,“Boo!” he crouches down and says,“JESUS!!!!” he turns around to only find me laughing like crazy behind him. He looks up and says,“you think that's funny don't you?” I nod yes and he says,“well I guess you are gonna have to get tickled!” I scream,“AHHHHHHHHH NO ANYTHING BUT THAT PLEASE, AHHHH-” I get cut off by him tickling me to death. I try to say,“H-H-HARRY S-S-STOP I-I-I C-C-CANT BREATH!!!!” he stop and I find my self on the ground holding my stomach. I hear the elevator open and I run over to it and say,“HI!!!!!! How was the movie?” they all answer,“great!” we all sit down and watch Toy Story because Liam had to watch Toy Story. And for the second night in a row we all fall asleep on our boyfriends. Me on Harry, Kayla snuggling with Niall, El and Lou, Zayn and Jasmin, and Danielle on Liam. 

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