She's the One

Hey people this is my first movella. Please read my book. I really hope you like it. I only 13. So please be careful of wait you comment. I will update on the weekends and if i can during the week. Love you guys! Kayla finds herself on a trip with her 4 best friends. There's a little mix up to where they will be staying and can't find anywhere to stay. There are no hotels for miles. What will happen Kayla and her best friends?


5. Going to the hotel.....

Danielle's POV:

We get up and grab our purses and file down the line of people. We finally get off the plane and see a small crowd at the other plane to go home. We all look around, there's space to actually walk! We smile and head for the exit. We are all quiet and look at each other and nod before we open the doors. I feel like they are the doors to heaven. We rent a car and drive to the directions Kayla's mom gave us. Kayla starts to drive off when she remembers that she had to call her mom when we got off the plane. We got a rental car with sync on it. She pulls out her phone and downloads the app. She presses the speaker button and says, “call mom.” she tells everyone to be quiet while it is ringing.

Kayla's POV:

I hear my mom say on the other,“hello?” and I reply the same,“hey mom we just got off the plane.” she imediatly replys,“are you ok? Did you forget anything? How was the trip? Did you find the ho-” I cut her off and say,“yes, no, good, and we are on our way.” she says,“Kayla you know how I feel about you driving and talking on-” I cut her off again,“ I know that's why I got a car with sync. I did it just for you and the safety of me.” after maybe 15 minutes I finally get to the hotel. We get out of the car and see that we are right across the street from the O2 Arena. We walk into the hotel and walk up to the front desk. A friendly voice from behind the desk says,“hi welcome to the Hampton How may I help you?” I say, “we would like to rent a room please.” she says, “well I am so sorry but we are full at the moment.” I say, “but my mom made sure that this hotel hade a room on the top floor?” she says,“well maam I am sorry but we don't have any rooms available. So would you- I have an idea please follow me.”
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