She's the One

Hey people this is my first movella. Please read my book. I really hope you like it. I only 13. So please be careful of wait you comment. I will update on the weekends and if i can during the week. Love you guys! Kayla finds herself on a trip with her 4 best friends. There's a little mix up to where they will be staying and can't find anywhere to stay. There are no hotels for miles. What will happen Kayla and her best friends?


12. “don't run away, chase it.”

Zayn's POV:


There is just something about that giggle. It's just so comforting. I bite my lip holding in all my love for her. God that's hard. It's like trying not to cry at your wife's funeral. I can't take it. “I love you do much. I just want you to be mine.” she says,“I love you too. And just enough as you love me.” I kiss her one more time before getting out of the room and walking to the living room. This time with way more passion. I pull away so slow you can't even see that I'm pulling away. I walk out of the door and look back saying,“Good night love.” I walk into the living room and sit down. 


Dani's POV: 


Zayn comes back happy and full of good spirits. I look up from the floor and break the long silence. “how's Jazy?” he looks up from the ground too. “Good. Just a few cuts.” then Kayla jumps in saying,“A FEW CUTS!!!!!! WHEN I WAS PULLING THOSE THINGS OUT I SAW WAY MORE THAN A FEW!!!!!!!”“Kay calm down. It's ok. She is going to be fine. Just calm down.” Becca says trying to calm her down. Niall takes her for a walk down the street to calm her down. I can see Zayn start to cry a little. Then walks out of the room and out to the car. “Lou and El stay here. Becca, Harry, come with me and Liam.” I say looking at all of them and then Liam. He nods and grabs his phone. We head to the elevator and hear a thud. I turn around and El just slipped on something. She gives us a thumbs up to tell us that's she is ok and it's good for us to go. 


Kayla's POV:


I can't believe he said a few cuts. I could have punched him right then and there. But I didn't because he's famous and I dont want the fans to know about this kind of stuff. I aw lk down the street with Niall by my side. We walk at a slow pace. I stop a look at a empty bench under a roof type thing. We sit down and observe the streets. Niall asks,“What wrong love?” I stop and look at him. He looks back at me. “I don't know, I just...I just.......” then I take off running. Not even to bother looking in front of me. Just running. Running, running, and running. I stop at a old warehouse and lean up against the wall. I slide down the wall and sit on the ground. The cold, cement floor. I start to feel my eyes water. Then feeling trickles of water glide down my cheeks. I realize now that I am crying. I never cry. Why would I cry now? I wipe my eyes, get up, and walk around again. But this time going back to the hotel. As I get closer to where I was. Its harder not to cry. Niall is still right where I left him. Standing in the middle of the sidewalk. 


Niall's POV:


Its getting colder. Then I see a person come this way. A red headed, freckle faced, Irish girl. Kayla. She starts to run toward me. She runs into me and takes my breath away. I didn't know that she was that fast. “Why did you run away from me?”“I don't know, I guess I just wanted to escape the world and hide.”she says.“don't run, chase it.”I say. 

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