She's the One

Hey people this is my first movella. Please read my book. I really hope you like it. I only 13. So please be careful of wait you comment. I will update on the weekends and if i can during the week. Love you guys! Kayla finds herself on a trip with her 4 best friends. There's a little mix up to where they will be staying and can't find anywhere to stay. There are no hotels for miles. What will happen Kayla and her best friends?


11. Best morning ever!!!!!!!!!! Not............

Kayla's POV:


I wake up the next morning with my head on Niall's chest. He is awake. He says,“Morning love.” oh god that sweet Irish accent. He gives me a smile and looks at the kitchen. I'm still looking at him. Then I ask him,“Are we together, or something?” I try not to be so curious. I was so curious I couldn't hold it back. It spilled out of my mouth with a little smile. He looks back at me. He nods his head and looks back at the kitchen to see what is going on. Then I say,“Good.” he looks at me with a questioning face. I look at his Carribean blue eyes and say,“I love you so much” after I kissed him on the spot. Giving him no chance to answer. I pull away as gentle as possible and put my head back on his chest. 


Niall's POV:


God, thank you for giving me this angel from your kingdom. She is perfect. I play with her hair and look back at the kitchen again. I look away for one split second and I hear glass break. Hard. I quickly get up. Making Kayla get up too. We run over. It's Jasmin. She was helping Zayn carry some glass to redo his window. She slipped and fell on her back. All the glass got right in her back. We pick her up and can already see the blood drip from her back. Kayla helps her into her room and lays her on the bed. Getting every piece of glass out of her back. We rush her to the elevator nd quickly get in the car. Jasmin and Kayla are in the back. Zayn is driving and I'm in the passenger seat. I look back to see if hey need help. Kayla looks like she has it under control. But just to make sure I hand her some paper towels. Don't ask me how they got there because I have no idea. They just magically appeared there and that is where they are going to stay. She takes them and starts ripping them off one by one. She puts them on Jasmin's back until they are soaked in blood. We finally get to the hospital. We run in and say,“THIS IS A EMERGENCY! We have a friend that just fell on glass and went into her back please help us!” she says,“please follow me.” we follow fast walking and almost running to the room the lady showed us. She tells us to wait and she will be out in a few moments. She comes back with Jasmin 20 minutes later. We all look up. The lady says,“since one of you took out the glass, she has only a shortage of blood. No damage has been done to her back except for the little cuts. She will be fine to go back home with you guys. Just keep a close eye on her.” we all nod in agreement and walk off with her. We get in the car and drive off. I call the boys and let them know what happened. They responded by getting home right away. We get back to the hotel to find everyone there. Harry, Rebecca, Louis, El, Liam, and Dani. We walk Jasmin over to her room and lay her down. We come out and close the door. Zayn wanted to talk to her. He comes out and looks at the glass. He puts his head to his chest and goes to the living room. Avoiding the glass. I feel so bad for him. And I know he feels terrible. 


Liam's POV:


We get a text and a call from Niall. Saying that Jasmin fell on glass this morning so we rush home and wait for them to come back. It's kinda like a hurry up and wait kinda thing. We all hear the elevator move and pick up our heads. I look at the elevator doors until they move revealing the person that we are all waiting for. It feels like a staring contest with a piece of cardboard. Just staring waiting for the eyes to close and blink. Finally after staring at the door for five minutes they come and set her down in her bedroom. Niall closes the door. Zayn comes back out of the bedroom and walks over to the couch. We sit on the couch next to Zayn. I know how he feels. I've done that a few times. It hasn't been this bad though. We all give Zayn a hug and them he walks away into where Jasmin is. He walks in quietly. Trying not to disturb her sleep. 


Zayn's POV:


I walk back into the dark room. She is sound asleep in my bed. I lay down right next to her trying not to shake the bed too much to wake her. And that failed. She flutters her eyes open and stretches her limbs. I look into her dark brown eyes. She looks back at mine. I say,“I'm so so-” I was cut off by her kissing my lips. God she's good at making me shut up. We slowly pull away. She bits her lip and giggles a little. 


Hey people!!! Thank you so much for all the readers!!! You don't know how happy I am right now!!! I just wanna scream and shout. And just let it all out!!!!!! I bet you guys want another chapter? Well already on its way!!! :D

Love ya :* until next chapter is published:D

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