Sincerely Yours


2. The truth behind Nick


Today was going to be all about Nick and I. He invited me out to a small cafe for lunch.

"Hey" He said, giving me a kiss before sitting down. Nick was wearing jeans and was on his phone when I got there. I let out a sigh. Louis never would have done that.

We ordered our food and drinks. We didn't really talk that much and it was kind of awkward. This was the first time I had actually sat down with him, and I was noticing a lot of things that started to annoy me. Like the phone, and the chain on his jeans. He didn't pull out my chair or even pick me up. He ordered a beer, and In fact, I walked here. Alone.

Well we finished up and he payed the bill. He took me back to his house. His place was actually pretty nice. I sat down on the couch and he sat down next to me. The alcohol smell was choking me. I stood up to move over just a little bit when He grabbed my wrist.

"Ow let go" I said. He pulled me closer to him as I pulled away. Damn bitch was wasted.

"Nick let go!" I said. But the more I pulled away the closer he pulled me in.

"NICK!" I yelled when he grabbed my other arm and pinned me down on the couch. Then he started to laugh, and he released his grip. I could see the marks on my wrist where his nails dug into my skin. He turned on the TV as if nothing happened. 

I got up to leave again but he just pulled me back down. He put his arm around me and put on sports center. I could tell I wasn't going anywhere tonight.

For the next couple of hours I sat on the couch not being able to move, watching sports center as my wrists started to bruise up. Nick finally fell asleep, but every time I tried to stand up he just woke up and pulled me back down. I decided to get comfortable.

Later on I heard my phone ring from the floor where it fell out of my pocket, I could still see the caller ID.

"Louis" I whispered as a warm tear rolled down my face. 

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