Sincerely Yours


3. sweatshirts and sweatpants


I woke up on an empty couch. I shot up and ran for the door. I shot down the hallway and into the elevator of his apartment building. I slapped the lobby button at least 40 times before the doors closed. My heart was racing I had finally gotten away. I would never ever go back. The elevator stopped and the doors opened. I casually walked through the lobby, when I got to the door, there was Nick. With my stuff.

His eyes were full of anger and I could see his fist clenching. 

"Turn around. Don't make a scene." He said. I followed his orders, terrified what he would do to me. We went back up to his room.

"I got your clothes. I checked your phone. That Jack ass Louis wants to hang out. So get dressed" Said Nick throwing my bag at me.

"Don't call him that!" I said. Nick walked over to me, real close. Then looked down at me

"I will call him.what.i.want" He said. I walked away into the bathroom where I looked through my stuff. I saw my wrists, they were all bruised.

"I can't let Louis see this" I said as I pulled out a sweatshirt and shorts. I walked out. Nick gave me my phone and grabbed my hand.

"Lets go" He said. I got in the car with him.

"Where are we going Nick" I asked

"Louis wants to hang out at the park by the water. The one with the Willow tree" Said Nick. I didn't answer, in fact I was so close to throwing up. I wished Nick would go die somewhere. Maybe just maybe I could get away at the park.

We got out of the car and saw Louis standing by the building. 

"Why are you wearing a sweatshirt? It's at least 85 degrees out!" He said smiling. 

"Oh I was just, cold." I said. We sat down at a picnic bench and just talked. I always liked little things like this, just hanging out. And Louis knew that. I was getting really hot in my sweatshirt. It was hard to resist rolling up the sleeves. Nick was getting annoyed by the way Louis and I were laughing, so he insisted that we left.


"Put on something nice I'm taking you to a club" Said Nick. By now I knew just to do what he said. There was no point anymore. I could fell myself drifting away from everything i once knew. Nick wouldn't let me answer Louis phone calls or texts. I walked into the bathroom and looked in my bag once more for something to wear.

I pulled out a blue dress, kind of short but whatever. I didn't even care anymore. I looked at my face in the mirror. It had only been one day and my eyes where all red, my hair was a mess as well. I did my best with the makeup. I looked at my wrist, thinking if I should wear a bracelet or something

"Screw it" I said. Louis wouldn't be there so I didn't care. I walked out. Nick came up to me, moving his hands down the length of my torso.

"Ready babe" He asked.

"yea" I barely whispered. I got in his car and he drove me off to some club in the middle of nowhere. I wasn't sure if I even cared whether or not I made it out of there alive.



Nick keeps ordering drink after drink after drink. After sitting at the bar for about 2 hours doing nothing while Nick got drunk we finally left. He was driving all over the road. To bad we didn't get caught. To bad

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