As Long As You Love Me

" As Long as You Love me, and were together, I don't care what happens." I told her. She smiled. " We will Always be together." She looked up me. "Won't we?" She asked. " Forever and always baby girl. No one can keep us apart." She layed her head on my chest and closed her eye's. " I love you Justin." " I love you too Breaunna." I kissed hair and started to run my fingers through her beautiful brown curled hair.

"You don't know About us." I told him. "I don't want to." He bitterly replied. " I Love her." Sure you do. I was just like you, once upon a time. And I don't Want you anywhere near my Daughter." I Stood there speechless. " She needs a Man, not a boy. Which Is what You are." He gave me a glare." Sir please, Just listen to me." He interrupted me. " No you listen to me you little player. I know what kind of person you are. I want to get in that car of yours and drive away. And DON'T come back or else!"He spat at me. " What would you do?" I asked."I'd Leave." Then he went inside.


5. Keep it together

Justin's Point of View~

I couldn't believe it. There he stood right in front of me. We were practically face to face and I still couldn't believe it. I took a step in front of Breaunna and put my arms out protecting her.

"Don't get in my way boy. You don't know what you are getting into." Her father spat.

"Daddy, please don't do this!" Breaunna shouted.

"SHUT UP BREAUNNA!" He hollered.

"Do NOT yell at her." I replied coldly.

He brought his eyebrows together and took a step closer to me. His face covered is disgust at my remark. "Fine. We will do this my way." Before I could even react, I had a gun pointed at my head. I was scared, I will be honest. But there is no way I will show it.  "You won't do it." He put his finger on the trigger and the gun clicked. "You know I will. Come on Breaunna You are coming home, Now!" He reached past me and grabbed her arm, I instinctively went to move, and he pushed the gun harder against the side of my skull as a warning. "Hands up, and face the wall!" I did as he said, knowing if he killed me, she would be next. He violently pulled her towards the car and she started to cry. 

"Stop! I hate you! Let me go!" She cried in fear.

He smacked her sending her to the ground, one hand still pointing the gun at me.

He kicked her in her ribs and I heard a cracking noise. She screamed in pain. I quickly turned and started to run towards her, when I felt a sharp, almost burning, pain in my chest. I fell to the ground. Breaunna screaming my name was the last thing I heard, before everything turned to darkness. . 


Breaunna's Point of View~ 

I was on the cold, hard ground. I could barely move. All I could do was cry as I stared at the unmoving lifeless body. 

"No.. no.. JUSTIN! JUSTIN!" 

"Shut up! My dad grabbed my arms and held them behind my back. He tied them tightly with a rope and opened the car door pushing me in. 

"NO! I CAN"T LEAVE JUSTIN! HE WILL DIE!" I started. My words were soon muffled by a black piece of tape, followed by a soft cloth covering my eyes. He got in the car locked the doors, and I heard the car drive away.   Chaz's Point of View~ "Ryan did you hear that?" I asked. "Yeah, It was kind of like a gun shot.." He replied. I walked outside to check on Justin and Breaunna. The only thing I saw was Justin. He was motionless, not breathing.. I bent down, and started to tried to stop the bleeding on his chest. I heard the door and then a gasp, it was Ryan. "Ryan quick call an ambulance!"
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