As Long As You Love Me

" As Long as You Love me, and were together, I don't care what happens." I told her. She smiled. " We will Always be together." She looked up me. "Won't we?" She asked. " Forever and always baby girl. No one can keep us apart." She layed her head on my chest and closed her eye's. " I love you Justin." " I love you too Breaunna." I kissed hair and started to run my fingers through her beautiful brown curled hair.

"You don't know About us." I told him. "I don't want to." He bitterly replied. " I Love her." Sure you do. I was just like you, once upon a time. And I don't Want you anywhere near my Daughter." I Stood there speechless. " She needs a Man, not a boy. Which Is what You are." He gave me a glare." Sir please, Just listen to me." He interrupted me. " No you listen to me you little player. I know what kind of person you are. I want to get in that car of yours and drive away. And DON'T come back or else!"He spat at me. " What would you do?" I asked."I'd Leave." Then he went inside.


4. Author's Note.*

Hey Guys! Sorry It's a short Chapter! I promise to Make the next one longer! I am trying to update all of them today. I know it's got to be boring to only have two chapters for a while. I can't stand when writers don't update like they should, and I haven't been.... I'm really sorry! I promise to start doing it at least once a week! Things have been kind of crazy, so yeah.. Let me know what you all think! Let me know what you want to happen! I will do my best to look at all of them, if there are any. But, Comments, questions, suggestions, BELOW!:) 

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