Long Lost Horan

Hay im Candy Jones and im 19. I have natural brown hair but i dye it blonde so it matches my crystal blue eyes. People say i look like niall horan but idk what there talking about.


3. Your My WHAT?!?!?!

Candys pov:


I started to walk across the street with my suitcase trailing behind me. I saw a starbucks, i might aswell grab something to eat i dragged my suitcase into starbucks i got some weird looks but oh well. I sat a table and orderd a choclate muffin and some hot choclate. Yum. While i waited 5teenage boys walked in with hoods over there heads. Now whats there problem they goth? They came to sit by me. Shit. Then the waiter came over and gave me my choclate muffin and hot choclate. "Thanks" i said in my adorable irish accent. One of the boys looked up at me and stared at me weirdly finaly i spoke up and said "Sorry but why are you staring at me" I said with a little to much sass then i wanted to. I took a big bite out of my muffin and looked at them excpetcing a reply, finnaly he spoke up "Sorry, you just look like me. u must think im such a weirdo" He said with an irish accent. I nearly choked on my muffin. Wow hes got some nerve staring at some girl then saying they look like them. "Oh. if we are gonna talk then why dont u introduce yourselfs" i said pointing the the other 4boys. They put there hoods down. "Im Zayn" The one with the quiff said. "Im louis!" The sailor one said. "Im harry" Curly said while winking at me. Creepy. "Im liam" The one with the buzz cut said. "And im niall" said the one with the irish accent. I looked at him then studdied him for a second, he did look abit like me to be fair. We talked and laughed abit with earned a few strange looks, we echanged phone numbers so i thought i should ask them if they know my birth parents. Well idk they might. "Umm guys do you mind telling me if you know these people?" i said while giving them the cetificit. There jaws dropped then niall said "Th...ats my last name and my parents names!" He stutterd. "W...hat" I gasped. "That must mean your my sister" He said. "And your my brother" I said. We all just sat there for a couple of seconds not knowing what to say. Then niall said "I think we should take you to my.. Our parents and see if its true" 

"Good idea" We all said. I bursted out laughing. "Really we are gonna do that?" I said whilst laughing. We chatted and laughed for about 3more hours then i said " I have to go guys"

"NOOO" they screamed

"You could come over to my flat" Louis said

"Sure, i mean as long as its ok with you" i said

"Yeh it is" louis said

"ok then, its settled" i said.

this was the best day eva


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