Long Lost Horan

Hay im Candy Jones and im 19. I have natural brown hair but i dye it blonde so it matches my crystal blue eyes. People say i look like niall horan but idk what there talking about.


2. Wh...what?

Candys pov:


Todayyy is saturday YEY. No school, i decided to go look in the attic. Do not ask me why... I looked through some boxes but found something i wasnt expecting to find... this is wat it said.

 Birth Cetificuit 

Name: Candrice Amilia Beutey Horan

Birth Date: 18th July 1994

Birth Parents: Maura Gallagher and Bobby Horan

Wh..what? my parents are Lucy and Mike Jones. I grab the cetificit and run down the stairs and show my mum and dad. Mum looks at dad then says "i think we should tell her". Dad nods then says "Candrice, your not really a jones your a horan, you were adopted by us when you where 6 but we didnt want to tell you yet". I nodded trying to procces all that was happening right now. "HOW COULD YOU!!!" i screamed.. I ran up the stairs. Im not gonna stay here to "Parents" who were lying to me. I got out my suitcase and chucked loads of my clothes in, i packed my makeup and laptop and stuff. Bye old room. I opened my window and chucked my suitcase down. Bye Lying "Parents". I jumped and landed on my suitcase with a thud. Im going to go find my birth parents.

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