Long Lost Horan

Hay im Candy Jones and im 19. I have natural brown hair but i dye it blonde so it matches my crystal blue eyes. People say i look like niall horan but idk what there talking about.


6. Louis save me!

Candy Pov:


I sat on the sofa eating my crips. "Mummy" i said but it came out wrong coz i was eating. "Give us some" Niall said reaching his arms out. I gave him the rest of the crips since there were about 4left. I laughed as soon as i saw his reaction. "Candy! how could u eat all of the crips!" he screamed at me. I snatched the remaining crips out of the packet and ate them very quickly. I looked at everyone and then screamed "RUN FOR UR LIFEE!". I ran but i had no idea were i was going. I ran up the stairs very quickly and ran into what it looks like louis bedroom. Where to hide were to hide. "CANDY I WILL FIND YOU" niall screamed. He was close hmm i quickly crawled under the bed. "Muahahha candy come out come out whereever u are" Niall said scarily. I gulped quietly. "Liam Zayn come out!" I wonderd wat he was talking about and then i saw to feet either side of the bed. Oh fuck. "I surrdender" I said. They moved away from the bed and came from underneath i put my hands up in defeat and i saw what they were holding.Water guns. They starting spraying me with water. i ran out of the room. "LOUIS SAVE ME" I screamed randomly. "SUPERRRRRMANNNNNNNNN" louis shouted. I ran down the stairs and saw louis running around the room. He stopped as soon as he saw me and i ran into his arms. "louis help!" i said. Then liam,zayn and niall came running down the stairs. "give us the girl" Zayn said like he was a criminal. "NEVA" louis screamed. i nearly busted into laughter. The boys put up there water guns and liam said. "This is your last chance hand her over or get squirted with water!"

"The girl is mine" louis said. They started squirting us with water then harry came in from the kitchen. "Woah Woah wohhh whats going on" harry said.

"THERE ATTACKING ME!" me and louis said while niall said "She stole my crips so we attacked her"

"WATER FIGHT" Louis screamed. 

Oh these boys...


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