Long Lost Horan

Hay im Candy Jones and im 19. I have natural brown hair but i dye it blonde so it matches my crystal blue eyes. People say i look like niall horan but idk what there talking about.


5. Crips.

Candys pov:


We are just going to louis flat now its like a 15min walk from here. I skipped ahead even though i didnt even know were i was going. "Oi Candy!, your going the wrong way" Louis shouted. I turned around to see them on the other side of the road. Whoops. I skipped across the road to where the boys were. "Its just there" Louis said pointing to a HUGE house. I sweeped my fringe to the side and said "Woahh..." Louis got out his keys and opened the door. "Here we are" Louis said, his voice echoing through the huge house. All the boys rushed in and jumped on the sofa leaving me in the halway gawping at the huge house. Suddenly i realized that there was no more space on the sofa. "aww man" i sighed. I walked over to the sofa and sat on the floor. After about 2mins me and niall screamed "IM HUNGRY!" We looked at eachother and started laughing. "No im serious im hungry" i said innocently. Harry went out into the kitchen and brought out a big bag of crisps. "Who wants em?" he said teasingly. Me and niall looked at eachother once again and ran towards harry nearly knocking him over. Niall grabbed the bag of chips, "MINE" he screeched. He opened the crisp packet and started to eat. "Why you little" i started. I ran over to him and tackled him to the ground. "MINE MINE MINE MINE!"i screamed. I suddenly heard laughter and turned my head to the boys, they were holding a camera and recording this. "OIII!"i shouted. "Oh carry on please" Louis said. I turned back to niall who was eating the crisps."Give.Me.The.Crips.And.No.One.Gets.Hurt" i said very slowly. Niall shook his head and made a run for it. I sprinted after him hot on his tail. I am a really fast runner. I caught up with him and tripped him up so he dropped the crips. I caught the crips and ran back to the living room.Stole his seat on the sofa.And stuffed my face with crips. The boys looked at me jaws hanging open. "What, no one gets past me and my food" I said sassily. "Thats my girl" Louis said happily. Niall came back in and said "Omg candy ur fast...."

"Well maybe because i won my sports race every year" i said causely.

"Maybe" they all said.

Me and my food. tut tut tut

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