Online love

(Anyone under 14... dont read this :P ) Daisy is 15 and she finally gets her own computer for her 15th birthday. She finds a website and starts talking with a bunch of people. But there is one who stands out.


5. Meeting him again.

Daisy's POV
It was almost the end of the day. We had 10 minutes left and I couldn't tear my eyes of the clock. El was sitting next to me paying attention like I should be doing, but I couldn't. I watched as the minutes ticked by. It honestly felt like the minutes were hours. El noticed I was staring at the clock, she nudged me gently trying to get me back down to earth. I didn't budge there was no way she would get me to look away.Five minutes left, my eyes widened. Four minutes, El was now shaking me, but I didn't even blink. Three minutes, a sudden chill washed down my spine. Two minutes, I felt hot and sweaty. One minute, nervousness filled me up. My phone buzzed and I placed my hand over my pocket. 0 minutes, where is the bell. I watched as another minute went by before the bell finally rang. I collected my things and dumped them all into my bag. I ran out the door quickly making my way through all the people trying to get out all at once. I reached my english teachers room and sat outside it for a moment while I read Harry's text. "Can't wait to see you <3 xxxxxx" I read the text and immediately rang back. "Hello?" I spoke first breaking the silence. "Hey princess" he said, and by the way he said it I knew there was a smirk clearly painted on his face. "I'll be home later than usual today" I said as my smile hid. "Howcome" he sounded broken and upset. "I have to catch up with some work" I said looking at the ground while I played with the button of my coat. I heard the handle turn and seen my teacher walk out and look at me. I covered the microphone and spoke quietly "Can you give me a minute please?" I asked. She nodded and went back in. "I-I have to go" I stuttered. "I'll be w-waiting" his words trembling. "Bye" I mumbled. "Bye" he replied, "I love you" he mumbled barely audible. "My heart started racing and the smile came out of its hiding. "What did you say?" I asked happily. "Erm... nevermind" he mumbled again. The audience in my head awwed and left me happy. "I'll call you later bye!" I finished the conversation and hung up. I walked into the class room and my english teacher looked up at me. I sat down and pulled out some of my things. My teacher finished something off and made her way over to me. She sat down on a chair next to me. "What going on?" she asked concerned. "What do you mean?" I asked obvioulsy confused. "Well, you've been so out of it lately, is there something bothering that you would like to talk about?" she asked looking into my soul trying to get all the information out. I was about to blurt out everything that happened in my life, but that part of my life was over. It didn't have much affect on me at this point. But I stopped myself "No theres nothing going on. If there was you would be the one I would go to first" I said. My english teacher was really nice and supportive. She knew how to deal with everything. She let everyone speak to her like she was everyones mate. She gave me a small understanding nod and completely ditched the subject, thankfully. She looked down at my book and asked "So what don't you understand?" she asked me looking at my blank piece of paper. "Everything" I said pointing to a whole page in my book. "You know what, that doesn't even come up in any tests neither is it useful." I looked at her like she was crazy. "Go on, go home" she said standing up "Go talk to your lover". The moment she said lover I turned around shocked. My mouth was hanging open and my eyes widened. "How do you know?" I asked closing my mouth. She laughed for a second "I know everything!" she spoke and then did an evil laugh. I pulled a scared face and ran out yelling "Witch!!". I ran back in and she was laughing "only joking!" I laughed with her. "Thanks Miss" I said and turned around to leave again. 

I walked slowly out of the gates kicking a stone around. I decided to walk again as I saw the second bus come early and leave before I could get anywhere near it. I was half way home and it started getting dark. How I hate winter. I heard footsteps behind me but I ignored them. They got louder so I turned around but there was nothing there. I was now freaking out and I was about to run when something grabbed my arm. I tried to scream, kick, punch, but he covered my mouth and lifted me off the ground. There was absolutely nothing I could do. I kept kicking and wiggling around hoping I would hit him or that he would let go. I bit his hand and he screamed in pain but his hand didn't move an inch. I could feel his blood drip into my mouth. Ok I admitt that was not a good idea at all. He slammed me against a wall in an alley way. "You dare scream!" he shouted an inch away from my face. He soon started kicking and punching me. He made sure it was were no one could see. So that my mother wouldn't find out. He pulled me up by my hair making me bite my tongue in agony, trying not to scream. "Your mother's next" He whipsered into my ear sending chills down my back. "And if anyone finds out" He paused "I will kill her!" he yelled. He pushed me to the ground and walked away saying "I missed doing that". I wanted to kill him. It was over 6 years ago that me and my mother escaped him with the help of my step father. My mum was already pregnant, and the father was our him but he had no clue, and we didn't want that to change. We didn't want them to go through what we had to. I pulled myself up and fixed myself a bit before going home again. I was tripping over my own feet and I could barely hold myself up. I threw my bag on the floor and walked upstairs. I went to the bathroom and sat on the toiled before something in the corner of my eye shined. I looked over at the shiny razor and picked it up off the shelf. I took one of the blades out of the razor and looked at it. I pressed it against my wrist and slid it accross. The feeling was extraordinary. It felt like all the anger and sorrow was being drained from my body. I made a few more cuts leaving me happy and anger free. I washed the blade and hid it where noone could find it. In case I needed it again. I washed off the blood from my wrist and dried it up. I stroked my finger over the cuts and felt happy and proud, that I finally found a way to cope with things on my own. I cleaned up all the blood that was covering the sink and pulled my sleeve down. I went into my room and opened up the computer. I turned on skype and called Harry. He was the only one I wanted to see.

Harry's POV
She didn't reply to my texts at all. Then she was randomly home and called me. There was something fishy going on. She looked exhausted and she didn't look as happy to see me today. Have I said something that I shouldn't have? I kept thinking and thinking. I had no idea what was going on. Maybe I should tell her that I'm in a band? We were talking for ages before she started drifting off like the night before this time she wasn't in her pajamas. She was laying on the pillow singing along with me. I was happy and thought, maybe school was just really exhausting, maybe it wasn't me. Then she stopped singing and I knew she was out. Her arm lifted up to her face and her sleeve rolled down. All these thoughts rush into my head all at once and tears end up gushing down my face. What am I supposed to do? Why did she do it? I stared at the bright red lines on her wrists that looked fresh. What had happened today that was so terrible? The tears didnt stop falling and I couldn't even look away. I was a wreck. I was sobbing and pulling my hair out thinking what possibly triggered it. I didn't want to wake her up, she looked peaceful and calm. I layed my head on the pillow completely dreching it with my tears. I would now go to bed half way through the day and stay up all night just so I could talk to her all day. I kept watching the screen. I kept watching the cuts on her wrist. I couldn't focus on anything, and the tears would not stop flowing. I started singing to myself to calm down. After a while it worked and I was out.

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