Online love

(Anyone under 14... dont read this :P ) Daisy is 15 and she finally gets her own computer for her 15th birthday. She finds a website and starts talking with a bunch of people. But there is one who stands out.


4. Meeting El

Daisy's POV
I returned the smile before saying goodbye a final time and hanging up. I regretted hanging up. I wanted to call him back so bad. I made my way downstairs to get my bag. I picked it up and threw it over my shoulder. I made my way back up stairs and pulled my books out of my bag and threw them on top of the bed. My computer was still turned on and Harry was still online. I opened my book and grabbed a pen. I put the pen on the paper ready to write but nothing came to mind. I dropped the pen and collapsed backwards on my bed frustrated. What was happening to me. I couldn't concentrate at all lately. I was so distracted by something. I gave up completely on the homework and went to the bathroom. I turned the tap and watched as the bath filled up. I turned the tap off and got in. I sat there in the bath for half an hour thinking about Harry. I couldn't get my mind of him. I took a deep breath in and submerged under for a few seconds hoping that would clear my mind. I came out quickly and took another deep breath. But it didn't help. I grabbed the soap and washed my body. I came out the bath and took the plug out. I dried myself as the water was sucked down into the pipes as well as some of my thoughts.   I slipped into my white onsie and sat on the bed. Harry was still on Skype. I searched the bed for my phone and started texting Harry. "Still up for Skype? xxxx" I tapped send quickly waiting for him to reply. My phone suddenly buzzed in my hand sending a vibration through my whole body startling me. I read the text over and over "Of course! xxxxx" the smile hid as a familiar tune started playing. I glanced over from my phone and notice he was calling me. I answered quickly smiling like an idiot. His dimples made me melt and I felt like I was going to melt. I took the towel off my head and threw it on the ground. I shook my head around letting my wet hair fall where it wants. I accidentally did the thing girls do when they take of their helmets on TV. I mentally face palmed the moment I noticed what I had done. I looked up at the computer to a smirking Harry. My cheeks became bright red as I pushed my hair forward.


Harry's POV

After she hung up I just wanted to call her back straight away. I collapsed on the bed with my laptop still on my lap. I put my hands behind my head and I stared at the ceiling. I wanted to call her back so bad, but I stopped myself I didn't want her to be annoyed with me. She didn't say she would be back but her Skype never went offline. I layed in bed and opened her profile picture. I propped myself up on my elbows to help me see better. She was nothing like the girls that I've always spoken to. She was different. Different in a good way. She didn't pile on loads of make up and her clothes were simple. She was all natural, and perfect. She was beautiful and I couldn't get myself to do anything but stare at her profile picture. I had no idea how long I have been staring, but when my phone vibrated snapping me back to reality I looked at the clock and realised I've been staring for 2 hours. Wow. I unlocked my phone and realised Daisy texted me. I hurried to open the message opening other things by accident. I finally opened it and read the message. "Still up for Skype? xxxx" I was ecstatic. I never felt so happy to talk to someone before. I opened up Skype again and texted her back "Of course! xxxxx" I pressed send quickly and called her straight away. She picked up and my smile became even wider. If that was even possible. Her hair was wrapped up in a towel and she looked like she was wearing a onsie. I only knew it was a onsie because I had the same one. She pulled the towel of her head revealing her beautiful wet hair. She flipped it around like she was on TV making me laugh. By the time she was done flipping it around only a smile was left on face. I was never going to see her in person. I stared at her for as long as I could watching her every move. The onsie she was wearing looked so comfortable, I was getting jealous. The tight trousers and the shirt I was wearing were not comfortable what so ever. "Hold on a minute" I said sticking my index finger up. I stood up and pulled my top of whilst walking to my wardrobe. I had no idea the camera could still see me so I continued getting undressed. I pulled the onsie from the bottom of my wardrobe and pulled it on. I turned around about to zip it up and realised I could see myself, which ment she could see me. My eyes widened and I quickly pulled the zip up all the way to the top so you couldn't see my face.


Daisy's POV

He told me to wait and he stood up. I watched as he walked away from the computer. He started pulling his top off and my eyes widened. Shall I say something? Shall I look away or keep watching. He threw his top somewhere and then pulled his trousers off throwing them in the opposite direction. I kept watching with my eyes and mouth wide open. He slipped on a onsie. The same one I was wearing. He had the hood up ready to zip up when he turned around and noticed that I was watching. I could see his abbs through the front. His eyes widened and he quickly zipped it up right to the top and ran over. I laughed histerically rolling around on my bed as he watched me. He was laughing but not as hard as me. We were talking for so long I've lost track of time. I layed on my double bed. Half of it perfectly made, untouched, without a single crease. I layed on my side and put the laptop on the other pillow next to me. He did the same but laying on the other side of the bed. Like he was laying next to me. I put my head on the pillow and he started singing. The window was behind him and my window was in front of me. Our rooms were almost identical. I looked out of his window and it was still light. I glaced over at mine and it was pitched black. I closed my eyes, a smile still holding on to my face. Suddenly he started singing a lulaby. I smiled showing my teeth and bit my lip as he sang. I opened one eye to look at him and he laughed. He carried on singing while I dozed of slowly.


Harry's POV

She closed her eyes and I started singing without thinking. It just came out and I couldn't stop myself. I didn't want to either. I watched her face as I sang. Her face softened and I could tell she relaxed. Earlier she was all tensed up similarily like me. When I sang my body just relaxed. I thought she was about to fall asleep when I noticed her lips move. I kept singing and ended up hearing her sing. She knew the words now and she was singing them with me. She was perfect and I cant belive I got to know her. Soon she became quieter and her lips were moving no longer. She pulled the blanket higher up to her ear as I still sang. I sang for about 5 more minutes before I stopped to concentrate on her. I checked my laptop was pluged into the charger and I layed my head on my pillow. I ended up laying just like she was. I fell asleep. Our call never ended.

Once I woke up I noticed she was still in the same position. I didn't move I just layed there now just watching her sleep. I watched as she slept untill I heard something beep. I wacked my alarm that was on my bedside table and realised it was not mine. When I turned around she was looking at me. "Morning" I said, my voice still wakeing up.


Daisy's POV

*Beep. Beep. Beep.* I turned around and hit my alarm on the floor. I turned back around and slowly lifted my eyelids. I looked up at my laptop and noticed the call had still not ended. My eyes suddenly widened as he turned around with his morning hair. He looked at me and smiled, "Morning" he spoke with his raspy voice. I couldn't speak. I opened my mouth but words were too hard to form. I closed my mouth again and thought. I just slept with him. Kind of. It counts, right? No it doesn't. Gosh darn it stop thinking like that Daisy. Its not like the boys is in your bed is he? Well he kind of is. No, no he's not. Just relax. And now you are mental, you are talking to your self. Ok just relax, gather your words and speak. "Morning Harry" I spoke quickly finally being able to gather my words. He smiled back as I got up. I quickly turned my camera off and walked of listening as Harry moaned. "Daisy! Put it back on please!" He yelled. I took some clothes out of my wardrobe and put them on quickly. I didn't want to shower this morning. I rather talk to Harry. I walked back already dressed on the way I grabbed a brush and sat on the bed. I turned the camera back on and he smiled. I brushed out all the nots in my hair and took the laptop into the bathroom. I put my laptop on the counter next to the sink and started brushing my teeth as he spoke. I finished quickly and went back  into my room to pack my things. I collapsed on my bed tired from trying to do everything as fast as possible so I could speak to Harry longer. I proped my self up on my elbows to look at Harry when Emmi and Josie walked in. They were both dressed the same but their hair was done differently. Emmi had a side braid and Josie had a high pony tail. They jumped on top of me and Harry laughed. "Helloo" he said waving at them. They both giggled and returned the hello. I introduced them to Harry and they had a little conversation together. Harry was so good with children I was quite suprised.

After a while I hung up and walked downstairs with Emmi and Josie. I walked into the Kitchen and grabbed an apple. My mum turned towards me and said "Eleanor will be here in a few minutes" I raised my eyebrow at her and stood there looking at her trying to figure out what she ment. "Have I not told you?" she asked me laughing a bit. "Noooooo" I replied with my eyebrow still lifted as I washed my apple. "Oh sorry. My friend from work moved next door yesterday and her daughter is your age and she will be going to the same school as you. She will be here in a few minutes and you two will be getting the bus together." She said catching her breath "Great" I murmured walking off into the living room. The second I sat down the door bell rang. "Daisy!" I heard my mum yell. I got up and walked to the front door. I opened the door and a beautiful girl was stood in front of me looking down at the ground. "Hello" I said chearily trying to look like I was glad to see her or something. She looked up and smiled "Daisy?" she asked me raising her eye brows slightly. Yup I said turning back to grab my bag. "Im Eleanor, but just call me El." She smiled as I closed the door. "Hi El" I greeted her again. "Hi Daisy" she giggled. We ended up talking like we had known eachother for God knows how long. We turned the corner and noticed James standing already waiting. We picked up the pace and joined him. "Hey James. El this is James, James this is El. I said smiling. "hey" they both said and we all laughed. James pointed to the bus that was driving towards us. I pulled my bus pass out and so did El. We got on and for the first time someone sat next to me on the bus. I hoped that this wouldn't be the last time. El was now the prettiest girls in the school and she would definitely find someone else to hang out with.

After we got off El just followed me. She had no idea where I was going but she just followed me. I knew where she had to go so I just made my way through the coridors talking to El. We got to the head of years office and I knocked on the door. The teached inside waved her hand at me and I walked in with El behind me. "Hello, Eleanor is the new student and she needs a timetable." I said confidently before taking a last bite of my apple. "Ah yes, come here Eleanor" she spoke pointed her finger at her. I waited by the door until the head of year finished speaking to her. She came out looking at her timetable. I looked over and noticed something "We have all the same lessons" I said making my way to the nearest bin. She looked up and smiled before folding it and placing it gently in her bag. I pulled my phone out quickly remebering Harry. I had one unread text from him. I opened the message and read it outloud by accident. "I'll be waiting for that last bell, miss you already xxxxxxxx" I gasped after realising I just read it out loud and El walked over to me with a cheaky smile on her face. "Who's that from?" she laughed. "Erm... Noone" I mumbled under my breath. "Oh by the way, I have to finish some work after school today so I can't get the bus home with you, but you can walk to the bus stop with James after school all of us have the same lesson last period" I spoke out quickly before I could forget. "Ok" she nodded and the bell rang.

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