Online love

(Anyone under 14... dont read this :P ) Daisy is 15 and she finally gets her own computer for her 15th birthday. She finds a website and starts talking with a bunch of people. But there is one who stands out.


6. He knows

Daisy's POV

I opened my eyes slowly. Still nothing visible out of my window. I glance over to the laptop, Harry was still asleep. He didn't seem very happy. He looked sad in fact. Suddenly my alarm went off behind me, I turned around quickly panicking. I turned it off quickly but when I turned back around Harry was awake. "Morning" I smiled at him. "Morning beautiful" he spoke returning the smile. I quickly got off my bed and looked down at my clothes. "Harry I need to go take a shower can you wait please?" I asked still looking down. "Sure" he chuckled. I grabbed some clean clothes from my wardrobe and headed out to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and stepped in. I stood there for a couple of minutes letting the water just drip down my body. I was incredibly sore. I took the soap and washed myself gently taking more time than usual. All the bruises and cuts made a simple activity 10 times harder. After 10 minutes of gently washing my body I was done. I stepped under the shower head again and let the hot water drip taking the soap with it . I turned the shower off and stepped out. Something purple caught my eye in the mirror. I turned around to look properly and gasped at the sight. My back was so bruised it was purple. My whole torso was bruised but my back was the worst. I dried myself off and put on the clean clothes. I grabbed the the blade from the razor that I hid from the day before. I bought it up to my wrist again and slid it across releasing the pain from my whole body. I let some blood drain into the sink before wiping it clean. I washed the blood from the sink again and left like nothing happened. I went back into my room and noticed Harry smiling. I carried on like normal like nothing just happened. I brushed my hair and put  it up in a bun. I walked towards Harry and his smile was long gone. What happened? Did I do something? "What's wrong?" I asked brushing my fringe out of my eye.


Harry's POV

"What's wrong?" she asked me. I could see her cuts from closer now and there was more. I could barely speak. I opened my mouth to say something. I tried gathering words but all I could say was "Please stop". She looked at me confused, like she had no idea what is going on. "Why do you do it?" i spoke again trying my hardest to keep my tears in. She looked at me shocked now. I think she knew what I ment. Within seconds tears were gushing down both of our faces. I could no longer hold them in. She was sobbing into her hands and I just couldn't stop looking at her wrists. I needed her to tell me and she had to go soon. I started singing to calm both of us down. We both started relaxing and soon the tears were stopping. She looked up at me and gave me a weak smile. Her eyes were swollen and red. "I want to help" I said before the tears threatened to surface again. She looked somewhere behind the computer her eyes frozen on the spot and she began. "I saw my real dad yesterday... he pulled me into and alley way... he started hitting and kicking me... he said that my mum was next and if I told her he would kill her... I haven't seen him for over 6 years until today... my mum and I managed to run away from him when she was pregnant with Emmi and Josie...he had no idea she was pregnant and we wanted it to stay that way. We didn't want them to suffer like us... they have no idea what happened to me and mum... they weren't there at the time and they dont need to know... now Mark our step father, who has helped us escape is the father I never had. He knows everything and I love him... real father... he would get drunk every night and come home and hit me and my mum... I used to cut back then too and it just made me feel so much better... but when he was gone, out of our lives, I didn't need to... now im scared he will find my sisters". She was now bawling her eyes again. I was so shocked I had no idea what to think. I was trying desperately not to cry. I looked at the clock and realised this is the time she goes downstairs. She can't go see her sisters like that. I started singing again to calm her down. After a few minutes she wasn't crying anymore. She gave me a weak smile and I heard her mum yell "Daisy Eleanor's here!". She just looked at me and I said " Have a good day" and hung up before I cstarted crying again.


Daisy's POV

I walked downstairs and saw El standing at the bottom of the stairs I smiled at her and she turned around. "Hey, you ok?" she asked me clearly seeing my swollen face. "Nothing im fine" I said happily. I wasn't ready to tell the whole world yet. I grabbed my bag and we headed out. James was at the bus stop first again. The minute he saw me he looked concerned. He knew the whole story. He knew what happened to my family. He saw the fake smile on my face and started texting me although he was right next to me. I didn't want El find out yet.


James: What happened?

Me: I saw Daniel yesterday

James: WHAT?! Did he see you?

Me: Well he was the one that saw me first

James: What do you mean

Me: He pulled me into an alley way and beat me up, he said my mums next, but if I tell anyone he will kill her

James: I am going to kill that c***

Me: You cant tell anyone or do anything please!!!

James: Fine...


James and I looked up from our phones and El started speaking "Oi no secrets". James came up to me and gave me a hug which I realised I really needed because I instantly felt better. I turned to El and she looked annoyed. "I'm sorry, I'll tell you when I'm ready, I'm sorry" I said pulling away from James.

At lunch me and El were sat talking in the canteen. We were both munching on fruit when Kristen came over to us. She stood next to me and said "Hey, could I hang out with you two?". I looked over at El shocked and she gave a slight nod to confirm that it was fine with her. I looked up at Kristen and said "Sure". She smiled at us and sat down next to me "Thanks" she said smiling at both of us again. Kristen was in most of my classes and she was always nice to everyone, so I guess why not. Once we started talking it felt like we knew each other for a long time. We had a lot of things in common. My life was finally getting better. Thats what I thought for a while before I remembered what happened yesterday afterschool. I stopped talking and Kristen and El were confused. They had no idea what was going on. They looked at me and both said "Whats wrong?". I shook my head and pushed the thoughts back. I heard someone's phone vibrate and then Kristen pulled her phone out. I couldn't help but look when I saw a familiar photo on her phone. I looked at the background and noticed that was the picture Harry had on twitter. "Who are they?" I asked pointing to the image. She looked at me and down at her phone again. "Oh just the most amazing boy band in the world, why?" She said looking up at me again. Now I knew everything. Why didn't he tell me. Why was he trying to hide it from me? "No reason, they're hot" I said casually looking down at the button of my coat which I was fiddling with. We all giggled before my phone started buzzing. I pulled it out and read the caller ID,it was Harry, so I picked up. El and Kristen looked over at me and listened intensly. "Hey beautiful, hows school" Harry spoke quietly throught the phone. "Hi. Its fine" I replied looking up ahead. "I've missed speaking to you, I had to call" he said after a moment of silence. I chuckled and looked up at the girls. "I missed you too" I replied. The girls instantly started giggling.


Harry's POV

The moment I ended the call, the tears just gushed out. I wanted to help her. But I couldn't. All I could do is wait for her to come back. I sat on my bed staring at the clock that hung on the wall. I watched as the seconds ticked by. Waiting for Daisy to finish school and get home. I've been in bed for the past 3 days waiting for Daisy so I could speak to her. My mum walked in and stood in the doorway. "One, you need to eat. Two, you stink!" she said discusted. My belly rumbled and realised she was right. I sighed and headed towards my wardobe. I grabbed some clean clothes and headed into the bathroom. I stepped in the shower and let the water drip down my body letting all my thoughts of with it. Everything soon hit me once more and tears were flowing and mixing with the water. My mum knocked on the door letting me know breakfast was ready. I hurried up, the tears still flowing. I came out and went downstairs constantly wiping my eyes. I sat down and poked the food which layed in front of me. My mum was sat next to me watching me. She was upset too. "Whats wrong?" she asked me rubbing my arm. "I need to go back to England" I said still staring at the food infront of me. I looked up and she gave me a confused look. My mum moved to america a week ago, and she was hoping I would stay with her for a while. She stood up and left, she knew I wasn't in the mood to talk. My belly rummbled once again before I engulfed my food off the plate. I walked back upstairs and layed on the bed. I looked up at the clock and decided to call Daisy hopeing she would pick up. I waited desperately hoping she would pick up. I heard her pick up and my smile returned.

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