Online love

(Anyone under 14... dont read this :P ) Daisy is 15 and she finally gets her own computer for her 15th birthday. She finds a website and starts talking with a bunch of people. But there is one who stands out.


7. Goodbye

Harry's POV

The time we talked flew by so fast. I didn't want to hang up. The moment she hung up silence filled the room. I laid on my bed with the phone on my chest and my laptop next to me. I let my head fall back on the pillow as I looked up at the ceiling. The tears started rolling down my cheeks. I couldn't believe what was happening. I raised my arm slowly up to wipe the tears with my sleeve. I felt something buzzing in my back pocket. I quickly finished up wiping the tears that quickly fell as I raised my head. I stood up and reached into my back pocket pulling my phone out. I read the caller ID. It was Niall. I put my phone back in my back pocket. I was not in the mood to talk to anyone. I just wanted to hide in my bed until Daisy came back. My phone finally stopped buzzing and I let a loud sigh out as my head hit the pillow. Niall did not want to give up. He kept on calling me. All the lads ended up calling me too. For about 10 minutes I had complete silence. Time for me and my thoughts. All the tears started coming back as I thought harder about everything. Loud footsteps shuck me out of my thoughts as they came closer to my door. I lifted my head off the pillow and stared as 4 guys stormed into my room. It was Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam. I hate to admit it but I was glad that they came. The moment they saw my face their face expressions changed. Their muscles relaxed and they slowly walked towards the bed while I pulled myself up into a sitting position. They sat down next to me and just stared right at me. They never seen me in such a wreck. I slowly turned my head and saw Zayn coming right at me with his arms spread. His hands wrapping all the way around me. The moment his hands clasped behind my back the tears started flowing again. The next thing we should have done was eat chocolate and watch a chick flick. Soon all the lads had their arms wrapped around me as the tears slowly stopped. Their arms soon slipped off me and they sat back in their previous positions.


Daisy's POV

This day was one of my happiest days I have had in weeks. There was nothing that could have changed it. It was amazing and it was going to be even better when I get home and talk to Harry. I was walking home since I missed the bus again. I was being a lot careful this time though. I glanced around every few seconds making sure no one was following me. I guess I wasn't careful enough as I got pulled into the same alley way as last time. 'Great' I thought to myself. I curled up into a ball so he wouldn't get any important organs. I could tell who it was by the quick rapid breathing and strong grasp on my upper arm. He beat me again. The same places as last time. Then he reached down and grabbed my hair pulling me up to my feet. I screamed from the pain and shot my hands up to hold my head. He pushed me forward making walk. I could feel a familiar sharp blade pressed against the back of my neck. I walked forward asking no questions. He took me around the corner to the very end of the alley and pushed me to the ground. He pulled out a pair of handcuffs and attached me to a pipe which was sticking out of the wall. He threw the knife to the side far enough so I wouldn't be able to reach it. I closed my eyes as my tears flooded my face. I felt a tug on my trousers and with the second pull they were completely off me along with my pants. I gasped as my bum touched the cold ground. This was the first time he ever did anything like this. I looked down panicking. I watched as he pulled his pants down in one swift motion. I saw his member for a spilt second before I squeezed my eyes shut and started crying even harder. He grasped my thighs hard pulling them as far apart as possible. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" I screamed as he slammed into me full force. I was a virgin, and my own father took it from me. The pain was incredible. I could hear him groan and moan on top of me. I felt disgusted. I was ready to throw up all over him. I just wanted it all to be over. After a long painful 25 minutes of his slamming himself inside me full power I was ready to die. I have had enough. He released me from the handcuffs and he walked off satisfied and smirking. I pulled myself up slowly still crying from the pain. I looked down and saw blood all over my legs and there was some on the floor too. I slowly crawled towards my pants and trousers which laid on the floor. I slipped them back on slowly and carefully.


I walked upstairs still crying. Thankfully my mum wasn't home. She was out shopping with my little sisters. I strolled into my room and opened up my computer. I didn't want to do anything stupid. Not until I said goodbye to Harry. I waited for my computer to load as I wiped the tears that were still falling down my cheeks. I opened up Skype and noticed Harry wasn't on. My heart sunk down to my stomach and I pushed my laptop of the side of my bed. I screamed pulling my hair. I was furious and I need to talk to someone. But I guess I wasn't worth anything. What's the point? I pushed everything off my shelves making them fall on the ground and break. I had enough. I stormed into the bathroom and turned the water on letting it fill the tub. I stripped and looked at my disgusting body in the mirror. All the blood, bruises, cuts and scars that covered me made me feel sick. I turned around and reached into the cupboard behind me. I grabbed the blade and sat in the bath running my thumb over the blade. The blade was my best friend. It was always there when I needed it the most. I stretched out my hand and looked at all the old scars that covered my arm. I brushed the blade across them making me smile slightly. I closed my eyes and pressed the sharp edge deeply into my skin. I took a deep breath and slid it across making it cut my flesh apart. The blood immediately poured out and dripped into the bath water. I could feel the life being drained out of me slowly. I was as deep as I needed to be. I let my head rest on the side of the bath as I made 7 more deep cuts. I opened my eyes for a moment before everything became dark and silent. There was no more pain. No more anything. I was dead. It was all over.

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