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(Anyone under 14... dont read this :P ) Daisy is 15 and she finally gets her own computer for her 15th birthday. She finds a website and starts talking with a bunch of people. But there is one who stands out.


10. Everybody's in love

Harry's POV

I sat there staring at her all night. I didn't take my eyes of her for one second. In case she woke up. It was about 6  or 7 in the morning when some boy a bit younger than me nudged me with a tray of food. I hoped he wasn't her boyfriend. I gave him the daggers along with a short and simple "Thanks" and he walked around to the other side while I kept my eyes on him. He gave the other tray to Daisy's mum. She smiled not even looking at him and said the short and simple "Thanks". She only got to nibble on her sandwich before her phone started going off. She snapped out from her slow and steady movement and she searched franticly through her pockets. She opened it up and gasped. "I have to go to work, or I am going to get fired" she said looking at me. To which I replied "I'll be right here, I will let you know if anything changes" and I gave her a half smile. "But my husbands on a business trip, who is going to take care of Josie and Emmi?" she asked while her voice shook. At this point all the lads walk in and I say "The lads will take care of them... Wont you boys" I say looking at them giving them a nod. "Ummm, yeah sure.." Zayn said rubbing the back of his neck while awkwardly turning around to face the rest of the boys. They all give an enthusiastic nod and Eleanor walk up to them to take them back to the the house. "Thank you so much" Melody almost shouted  as she jumped up from her seat and hugged everyone individually. She ran out of the room quickly and I was alone in the room with James.


James' POV

Everyone was sitting by her all night. Early in the morning everyone apart from Melody and Harry went to the cafeteria to eat. They didn't look like they were going to move sometime soon so I decided to take it upon myself and feed them. It's the most I could do. I grabbed some sandwiches and two drinks and took them back to the room. Harry wasn't very happy. He gave me the death glare but atleast he took the tray. Melody on the other hand didn't even look at me. It didn't move me because I knew everyone was stressed out from the situation. I walked to the back of the room and sat on a chair waiting for something good to happen.


Daisy's POV

"Thank you so much" I heard my mum yell and I could hear her footsteps all around the room. After that there was more footsteps, door being shut and then silence. So everyone just left me. Shows how much everyone cares. Why did anyone even try to save me. "Daisy... why?" I heard a familiar male voice and I was shocked for two reasons. One, someone cares and they stayed by me. Two it wasn't James or my dad. I was trying to figure out who it was but nothing came. Then I heard him sob. Does he really care that much about me? I just wanted to wake up and see who it was. But at least there was no pain no nothing. I felt really bad though, that because of me I made someone feel so bad. I just wanted to give them a huge hug, or let them know that I'm fine.


Zayn's POV

We all got on a crowded bus. These are the times I wish I was not famous. Everyone was crowding around us taking pictures and asking us questions. I wasn't in the mood for any of that. I just wanted to get off the bus. I gave El a look and she knew immediately what I wanted. "Few more stops" she mouthed across the bus. I rolled my eyes and looked back at her with a smile. I could see her giggling. She was cute, no wonder Louis loves her to bits. After answering plenty of questions I glanced over to where El was standing. "Now" she mouthed one last time and I made my way to the door on my way nudging the boys and pointing to the door. We got off a step or two early to avoid them finding us. El took us through some alley ways and soon enough we were there. She opened the door and her mum Deborah came running up to her. "I thought you'd never come" she said running past us. "Niall, Kristen and I will go clean up Daisy's house. From what Harry had said its a mess." Liam spoke just when I was about to shut the door. El nodded and they left. El and Louis went into the kitchen to make breakfast so I decided to go and see the girls. The first room I walked into was empty. Soon I found them in the room at the end of the corridor. They were adorable. They were curled up together on one bed. I just wanted to go up to them and squeeze their little cheeks. They reminded me of my younger sister. She used to sleep like that with her big teddy.


Louis' POV

I sat down on a chair watching El's every move. I couldn't cook at all so I couldn't help. The most I could do is make myself a bowl of cereal. I watched as she swiftly moved around the kitchen and before I could blink she was done. I helped clear the table and set it up. It was perfect timing because the girls ran downstairs screeming while Zayn was pretending to be a monster. Gosh it was adorible! They sat at the table while all three of us watched from a distance as they scoffed down all the food. Once the food was gone El took them to the living room to watch some TV. I slowly made my way over to the table and cleared the table stacking the plates and glasses on top of eachother making them ping with contact. I placed them gently in the dish washer along with any other plates and cups that were around the place and I went into the living room while Zayn went to check on everyone next door. I sat down next to El and could help but stare at her glistering eyes. I missed seeing her. Even if it only was a week. I have known her for a couple of years but I was to shy to ever say anything. It was the right time.


Niall's POV

Kristen was beautiful. From the moment I saw her something clicked. Somthing deep within. I have never felt like this before. This was a new experience. Something that amazed me. What ever this is, its making me go insane. Every time I see this girl, I get butterflies in my belly and adrenalin in my blood. All its doing is making me fall hard for her. I finished doing the dirty job in the bathroom as she took care of Daisy's room. I put everything in its rightfull place along with the razor in a safe place. I found it whilst draining out the bathwater in the tub. The police already had everything they need so it was only time for us to clean up. I walked out of the bathroom quietly and made my way towards Daisy's room. I leaned against the door frame and watched Kristen put everything back in its place. I crossed both my arms and legs and spoke "Need any help?" With that she jumped up almost dropping what ever she was holding. She turned around and looked at me before going shy and blushing at the ground. "Erm, I'll be fine" she said slowly turning around. Her smile sent the adrenalin through my body once again and I walked up behind her slowly and quietly and placed my hands on her soft waist. Some of her skin was poking out of her top and the moment our skin touched I could feel her goosebumps on my palms. She turned around and looked straight into my eyes dropping the few books she was holding. She turned her whole body around whilst my arms stayed on her body circling around her as she turned. Her skin was soft and smooth. She reached up to my head and wrapped her arms around my neck. Both of us leaned in making our forhead and nose touch, and our lips milimeters apart. I was about to make my move and fall the gab before I heard someone clear their voice behind us.


Liam's POV

I was just doing the dishes when Zayn walked in. "How are you guys doin'? Need any help?" he said as he looked around the kitchen. "I'm good. I don't know about Kristen and Niall upstairs though" I replied drying my hands on a towel. I walked past Zayn and made my way up the stairs making as little noise as possible. I could hear Zayn following as I got to the top of the stairs. I popped my head around the door to see what they were doing. But I didn't exactly expect this. Zayn and I observed for a couple of seconds before I had to clear my voice. They both quickly jumped away from eachother like they were cought doing something illegal. I had no problem with what they were doing but they were supposed to be busy doing something else. Then again I guess I was jealous. Everyone around me was falling in love and me and Zayn were stuck being single pringles.Kristen and Niall quickly continued cleaning so me and Zayn went back downstairs to finish of a little downstairs before coming back up to help.


**A/N Sorry for all the spelling mistakes in the last chapter, I didn't read through it to check, and I know you can still change it but I am too lazy. Sorry! And theres probably a lot of typos in this chapter too but oh well I am to lazy. Sorry! Again :D Thank you all for favouriting and liking and commenting, it shows me someone enjoys it :D Love you guys :D 



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