You Just Gotta BELIEVE

When Alyssa, 17, is picked to be the One Less Lonely Girl at a Justin Bieber concert, her whole world changes. Right when the lights go off, Justin Bieber kisses her and whispers for her to stay backstage.Alyssa has no idea whats ahead of her?
(This is about justin and i, alyssa, becoming in love. not falling in love. "Dont fall in love. Love. Becasue everything that falls, breaks"-Taylor Swift


1. Before I Meet HIm

I couldn't sleep at all last night. I probaly went to bed around 5:00 A.M and its 7:30 A.M now and I'm not tired. WOW!!! This has never happened before. My mom is already up geting ready because we need to leave in half an hour so we can try to be the first in line at the arena. Half an hour later we are getting into the car and I'm shaking. I'm wearing shorts, the shirt I made, and a bunch of Justin Bieber tattoos.

"Are you excited?" my mom asks.

"NO. I'm just shaking becasue im nervouse. OF COURSE IM EXCITED! I have been wating since Christams. Almost a whole year. Only i we had meet and greet tickets, but someone didnt want to spend two thouasand on just one ticket," i reply.

"it was just too much," my mom says.

I plug my phone into the car and my mom and I play a game with songs on two hour car ride. She puts a Justin Bieber song on and I need to try and guess the correct title. If I get it correct then we get to listen to the song. The first five songs are One Time, Be Alright, Believe, Somebody To Love, and She Don't Like the Lights. We continue the game for the whole car ride.


Two and half hours later we are at the arena and its 10:30. The concert is at 7:00 and their are already about 15 groups standing in line waiting to go inside. We find a close spot and I run into line with all the other beliebers. In front of us, their is a group of four. Three girls about my age, maybe a little younger, and their mom. I make friends with all of them and my mom makes friends with their mom all in about an hour. Allison is the oldest, 17, then its Emily, 16, and Sarah, 14. Allison tells me that they are all sisters and have been beliebrs since day 1. I reply saying that i am the same way. We all talk for about two hours. i find out that her mom is a single parent just like my mom, they live in NJ just like me, and we also that we have a lot of other things in common. We still have about 7 and half hours so i sit down on the concrete. Their are now about 45 groups here. I play on my phone and go onto twitter. I write to Justin," Wating in line in front of the Barcalays Center for you. Luv u. See you soon. 7:30 hours."

Two hours later, my phone goes off. I'm expecting it to Justin tweeting," Barcalays Center today.  Cant wait." But nope. Justin replied to me! HOLY CRAP! he replied to my tweet. He replied saying," I will be outside giving close seats and greeting everyone in about 3 hours. Where are you in line?"

I reply to his tweet right away saying," About family fifteen from the doors. I have a JB shirt on, shorts, and a bunch of tattoos that represent you on. Some on my face. Can't wait to see you!"

Since he  is following me I DM(direct message) him saying," Can't wait until you come out to see everyone. Remeber Jb shirt, shorts, and tattoos all over my body is what i look like. Standing next to me mom and new friends. luv u."

He replies back saying," luv u too. :)"

I get off the ground and stand up freaking out.
"Whats wrong Alyssa?" she asks confused.

"Look at this conbversation and then i will show you a different one," i say as i shove the phone in her face. She reads it and her miuth hangs open.

"Im freaking out," i say and then show Allison, Emily, and Sarah. Their mouths hang open too.

"You are so lucky!" they all say.

"And guess what?" I ask.

"What?" asks Allison.

"Justin is going to come right over here and talk to us?" I scream excitedly.

"OMB!" says Emily.

After our conversation I follow Allison, Sarah, and Emily on twitter. I go back to playing on my phone while sitting on the ground. Its two and half hours later when almost everyone who is going to the concert is here. All of the sudden the groups in the front of the line start screaming. I get off the ground becasue i know Justin came outside. I can tell he is scanning the crowd of beliebers looking for me. And then he is standing right in front of me looking at me in the eyes.


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