This Is Memory!

Memory always thought herself as normal, exept for her name, of course. But then, she begins unlocking a strange family secret, and she found she was named for a reason, for her family have a strange and secret gift; to resurface lost meomries from past lives. As Memory begins to start using her gift, she meets a boy, with a strange secret...
See Memory's life, her experiances and her dreams, by reading her secret diary, and descover the truth about her power...


5. Day 5 (Memory)

Today, when I got to school, the secretary, Ms. Hill came into my math class, looking really confused. She wasn't her usual plastic self, which was strange, since she was totally obbsessed with the way she looked.

"Um... Ms. White? Could you please come with me? The headmisstress wants to see you." She said, fiddling her skirt as she mumbled.

This was normal, so nobody showed any surprise. As I had said, I was very fiery. I hadn't done anythig this time, though. Then it hit me. What if my mum had told the headmisstress about the moth thing? Maybe she now thought me and my mother were thick and wanted me to go to a special school? I didn't WANT to. I wanted to stay here, with all my nonexistant friends.

These thoughts were whirlwinding around my head as Ms. Hill herded me towards the familiar wooden door with the black sign reading "Head" hanging on it. I must had been in it almost 40 times or something!

"Go in, Memo- I mean, Ms. White...." Hill murmered.

That's strange. Hill never would stoop low enough to call us by our first names. It isn't "cool" enough for her. Apparently being a really mean secretary to an all-girls school is.

I strode though the door, confident, as always. The headmissress, Mrs. Moland, was sitting, stuffing her mouth with chocolate, as always. That's all she buys with the school fund. Sweets, to keep her fat belly full. She was pretty fat, as well, with this hideous floral dress on, and her silvery hair pleated down her back.

"Ah, Memory. I need to speak to you. Sit down, dear." She said.

Right, now the screaming match can begin. She can't do anything to me. Tell my mum, I'm meant to be this little butterfly prodigy, aren't I? Give me lines, huh, I have got a stamp of "I will not be cheeky to the teachers" In my bag. Keep me in, I have no friends to play with anyway. Expell me? What I was working for. She'll be giving me what I want, to go to a normal school. Let's see what I did this time....

"Your mother phoned me today." Mrs Moland started. "She wanted to talk to me about your education. Apparently, you are not completly happy with the school, and some of the children have been teasing you. Also, I have no idea what she means about this, but we do "not teach all the skills you will need to reach adulthood". So, the point of this conversation is that your mother has decided to..."

I cut her off.

"HOMESCHOOL ME? HELL YEAH!!!!!! GOODBYE SALTMINE!!!!! GOODBYE YOU FAT, DIRTY HAG, MRS. MOLAND!!!!!" I danced out the door, leaving a belwildered Mrs. Moland alone in her office. "GOODBYE DEAR MS. HILL, THE WANNABE WAG!!!!!" I breezed past her as well, entering the classroom "GOODBYE GIRLS!!!!!!! IT'S ME, THE "ALIEN"!!!!!!! I'LL SEE YOU IN MY SPACECRAFT!!!!!" I left, then, and rushed down the hall, working up into a full sprint, and leaping through the doors, laughing like a maniac. Unfortunatly, I was not looking where I was going.

I crashed, head-first, into the hottest guy I have ever seen.

He had black hair, yet quite fair skin. His eyes were almost like portals, a strange mix between blue and green. He was quite tall, but oviously about 16, at least.

"Oh sorry, sorry!" I stammered, going red.

He just stared at me. Talk about rude!

"I'll be leaving...." I limped off, biting my lip.

I am writing this on a park bench. I'm going to mait a while before I go home, due to I want to see that boy again. He is perfect. So very perfect...


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