This Is Memory!

Memory always thought herself as normal, exept for her name, of course. But then, she begins unlocking a strange family secret, and she found she was named for a reason, for her family have a strange and secret gift; to resurface lost meomries from past lives. As Memory begins to start using her gift, she meets a boy, with a strange secret...
See Memory's life, her experiances and her dreams, by reading her secret diary, and descover the truth about her power...


4. Day 4 (Memory)

I'm writing this entry before school. I'm dreading it, really. I'm desperately hoping that last night was just a nightmare, a horrible nightmare.

After my mother had told me that story, I had gone upstairs, to sleep. My whole life may be a dream, and someday I may wake up, a completly differant person. I had a dream, a dream of moths to a flame. Then I looked closer, and saw they were in fact just beautiful butterflies. Strange, that, how butterflies are just bright moths. BRIGHT MOTHS!!!!!! That's someting mother said something yesterday.... I don't really believe in that "Bright Moth Complex". Like anyone could bring back memories of past lives!


Something really creepy happened to me at school today. Ok, so it was the middle of music, and I was sitting next to this really geeky girl, who's name is Janice. She has lightish nutty brown hair, with freckles, and has the thickest glasses you have ever seen. Just your typical nerd. Well, back to music.

The teacher was looking for the words to a song, when Janice suddenly leapt out of her chair.

"Did you see that?" She hollered.

"See what?" Some children asked.

"Please," The teacher, Mrs. Green, started. "Can't you tell us later, Janice?"

She's one of the good teachers.

"No, I saw this house, and this woman, with a really puffy dress, was talking to me, in this really annoying accent, and calling me "Genevieve". It was really wierd!"

Everyone rolled their eyes. Too much computer for Janice, again. Either that or she had turned into a nutter. Nobody took it seriously.

Exept me.

Puffy dresses would be the victorian or the georgian era, and "Genevieve" was a very old fashioned name. Maybe mother was right.

Maybe this Bright Moth stuff is true.

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