This Is Memory!

Memory always thought herself as normal, exept for her name, of course. But then, she begins unlocking a strange family secret, and she found she was named for a reason, for her family have a strange and secret gift; to resurface lost meomries from past lives. As Memory begins to start using her gift, she meets a boy, with a strange secret...
See Memory's life, her experiances and her dreams, by reading her secret diary, and descover the truth about her power...


3. Day 3 (Memory)

Today, May came round. As soon as I saw her, I knew she had good news. She had that look on her face, the one that meant joy, and happiness. We still hadn't found Respect, so I wasn't in the "Joy and Happiness" mood.

"Guess what? Joss texted me!" She exclaimed.

Joss was this boy in May's class. I didn't see much in him, but May's crazy for him.

"Oh, good..." I moaned. I didn't really feel like pretending to be a fangirl today.

May glared at me, as if she was trying to see past me.

"You know what they say in school, Memory? They say you're not the slightest bit HUMAN. Like what happened last year, that was creepy." She hissed.

I'm not even sure what happened last year. People say I "Brought someone back from the dead", but I have to say, that day was far too blurry, like someone dropped my mind in a puddle. I only remember a butterfly, and some strange words

"Use your talent for good, not bad, as many have before you."

May sneered at me, bringing me back to the real world. She was quite pretty, really, with long blonde hair and smoky grey eyes. She already looked like an adult, not like me, with my plump face and big eyes.

"You... You're strange... If you don't want to be my friend anymore, I'm just gonna leave."

And she flounced out, leaving only the faintest hints of her perfume.


This is later on in the day, and I can't believe what I just heard. I was downstairs, crying, when Jack walked in. He has quite a late job, as he works in a resturaunt which closes at 9. Well, anyway, he came up to me and ruffled my hair.

"What's up, Memory?" He asked.

"My best friend hates me, Respect still hasn't been found and the whole school thinks I'm an alien or something." I gasped through tears.

When I looked up, my mother was there as well. She looked expectant, which surprised me, as she had been mourning Respect.

"I wanted you and your younger sister to be here, but I don't think she has it." She said, sitting next to me, and gesturing for Jack to leave. "We are not aliens, but we are different. We have a gift, a gift of the mind. Have you heard of Reincarnation? Well, it happens, and we can bring up images of the someone's past lives. You just need to be close, and it will just happen. Our gift is named many things, but I like to call it the Bright Moth Complex. I hope you use your talent for good, not bad, as many peope have before you."

Strange, those words. I've heard them before. Still, if she think's I'm believing that fairytale, she's got another think coming.

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