This Is Memory!

Memory always thought herself as normal, exept for her name, of course. But then, she begins unlocking a strange family secret, and she found she was named for a reason, for her family have a strange and secret gift; to resurface lost meomries from past lives. As Memory begins to start using her gift, she meets a boy, with a strange secret...
See Memory's life, her experiances and her dreams, by reading her secret diary, and descover the truth about her power...


2. Day 2 (Memory)

Today, my sister dissapeared. She had been complaining about something, strange dreams, and voices in her head. I had thought nothing of it, since she is so young, and prone to make things up, but when she didn't come home from her school, you can imagine how distraught we all were. We searched until it was past 9, when Ic ame back, ordered to by my mother. She's still out there, calling Respect's name into thin air.

I don't think we'll find her. She was being bullied at school. What if she decided to end it? I could just imagine her, standing by a railway, her glossy black hair fanned out behind her, waiting for a train to pass.

A train would not care if there was one less little girl in the world.

I stare down at this page right now, my tears blurring some of the words. I hope they find her, or at least what's left of her.

At least what's left of her...

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