This Is Memory!

Memory always thought herself as normal, exept for her name, of course. But then, she begins unlocking a strange family secret, and she found she was named for a reason, for her family have a strange and secret gift; to resurface lost meomries from past lives. As Memory begins to start using her gift, she meets a boy, with a strange secret...
See Memory's life, her experiances and her dreams, by reading her secret diary, and descover the truth about her power...


1. Day 1 (Memory)

Its about time I started keeping a diary.

I don't know why I'm starting right now, It just seems a good time to start. It's my birthday, 12 September. I'm 15 today. My name, here goes, is Memory White. Stupid, huh? Memory. I wish I had a normal name, like Lucy, or Ellie, or Katie, or something like that. Instead, I got Memory. I wonder what was going through my mother's mind as she chose my name. Certainly not my school years. 

Anyway, I live with my mother, my father, my little sister Respect, and my adult cousin, who got a normal name, Jack. He's living with us untill he gets sorted out and buys a house. 

We also have a dog, a big gold labrador named Ghost. He's really gentle, even though he towers way above Respect.

I go to Saltmine School for Girls. It's strange, not having any cute boys to drool at, not that any would notice me. I have a childish face, with big, round almond eyes hiding behind rectangular glasses. My hair is a limp mahogany brown, I want to get rose pink steaks in it, but if mum has anything to say on the matter, it's no.

I have a fiery nature, and am always getting into hot water at school. The teachers are super strict, and all the other girls are either sickeningly good, or sickeningly girly. Either way, sickening. I only have one true friend, a girl named May, who won't laugh at my name, or tell on me when I do something bad. 

So, that's baisicly me. A girl named Memory. 

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