Is This The End

People are always talking about how the world is going to end. Noone thought it could ever happend. They were so wrong.
Steven and Theadore think their the last ones.
The 2 of them have been halfing to fight these weird things they call strangers. They look like people. Except with giant boils filled with pus and blood and soon they'll know they aren't alone.


2. A certain suvivor

    Steven grabbed my wrist and jumped over our desk, which was closest to the window, and he ran as fast as he could out the door. Avoiding chairs, and jumping over other desks in the way.

   We were running in the hallway and we saw one of the creatures tackling Xena.

   "Oh hell no. We need this one." Steven yelled grabbing a chair and slamming the creature in the head with it, killing it.

   "Come on!" I screamed, pulling Xena up by the shirt colar and pulling her along.

   "Behind us!" Xena warned as 6 creatures were running after us.

It was horrifying. One was holding a human leg and took a huge bite out of it, the others were like speed-runners. Imagine a zombie like thing, with eyes popping out, skin burning off because of the light. And blood streaming down their face. Hurdling after you. Planning for you to be their next victim.

     Steven saw a bar sticking out straight into the hallway, "Everyone duck!" 

   We all ducked. We all kept running. Everything was quiet. We turned around and looked back at the creatures. They ran straight into the poll and were beheaded.

   Xena looked at Steven and I, "I told you they were coming."


    Steven and I went running around the school, 'Is anyone alive!? Hello!? Hello!?!"

  "Face it," I groaned and flopped on the floor, "Were done for. The end is coming and were all doing to die."

   "Hey, hey don't talk like that." Steven insisted and sat down next to me, "We'll be just fine. We could leave the school and try and find some survivors and team up. Get some weapons, scavenge for food. We'll be just fine. The more of us the better."

   "Well I found noone." Xena sighed laying down by the other side of me.

     "Doesn't mean that everyone is dead." Steven told.

     "But it means all of our friends and teachers. Are dead. Ripped to shreds, lifeless-" Steven stopped me there. 

  "I told you, not to talk like that. Yes it's sad, but we need to stay positive." He smiled at me.

  "Well, if were gonna get going we better do so now." Xena said sadly.

 "Yeah." I agreed.

 We all 3 stood up.

  I heard a moaning sound.

 "Guys-" I stopped, "Listen."

   They gave me a confused look and stayed quiet.

  I heard the moaning sound again.

  "I hear something." Xena whispered.

  Steven looked over at the lunch room. A bunch of tables were piled up and one of the walls were crashed down.

  "Someones in there!" He yelled running towards the remains of the wall.

  Xena and I ran after him.

  He stopped and started picking up bricks and throwing them somewhere else.

  A face appeared.

 "Oh my god Jinx!" I started to cry.

  Steven pulled Jinx out of the bricks and laid him down on the floor.

  "Jinx your alive!" I hugged him. He sat up and held me back.

  "I wouldn't want to leave you." He coughed.

  "You know him?" Steven said with confusion in his voice.

  "Yeah, he's my boyfriend." I taught.

  "Oh." Steven sighed with a hint of sadness in his voice.

  "Baby your all banged up. You have cuts and bruises all over your face and stomach." I told.

  "Well i'll be fine." He said toughly.

 "We need to get moving." Xena insisted.

 I pulled Jinx up to his feet and grabbed his hand. 

We were going to be ok. Were going to be ok. Everything is ok. I thought. 

 We all walked in silence to the doors of the school. Steven opened them and when he did so. all our jaws dropped. And fear appeared in our eyes. 




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