Hailey<3Barron & DestinySkyStyles

This book is about my 2 role models. They are the BEST book writers in the WORLD!!! (jk) . But they r in my world. So they just follow me and im gonna make a book about them!


1. How it began

Iv'e had a Movella's account only for a small period of time. But when i didnt have a movellas account, i read books on my iphone. i read 2 authors books that really touched me. there names are DestinySkyStyles. And Hailey<3Barron . i dont know what they look like, but in destinys profile picture, it says its her and haileybarron. so im guessing that who it is. they r so pretty and i think their books r great. my favorite one so far is haileys junior life and destinys the perfect peace of a heart & love story. i think hailey is based on hailey barron. idk. but she is SO pretty . its hard to pick a favorite artist. but they r both AMAZAYN . <see what i did there?  Anyways. i make short chapters just to say how much i love these girls and u all should 2. they r amazing and im a hugeeeee fan! so bye for now.

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