the haunted house

8 friends go into a abandond house not knowing something awaits waiting for them inside the house, 4 friends get out but who is left behind???


1. it all started with " the call "

My name is Robyn Woodley i am one of the ones who got out that is how i am telling this story it all began when i phoned alix to see if she wanted to come out to play.

Me: hey alix.

Alix: hey robyn, whats up

Me: not much just wanted to know if you wanted to come out and play i am sooo bored

Alix: shore, why not ? shill i get the rest of the grupe together ?

Me: yh just dont bring your stupid boy toy.

Alix: ohhh please???

Me: augh fine

Alix: yay thank you shill we meet at next to that abandoned house you know the one that the litte 9 year old girl died in ?

Me: ahh i hate hearing that story but yh ok see you there.

Alix: yh bye.

so alix got the rest off our friends (and rob) and i got ready.

after about 45 min we all shoad up first me then alix then rob then rosie then laura then jess then will fineily michalle.

Me: is everone hear good if there not tuth.

Rob: what are we all doing hear ?

Me shut up, anymore questions ?

Rosie: yh what are we doing here ?

Me: good question, me and alix desided to meet here and i came up with a plan why dont we have done so much out side why not go inside.

Rob: what inside the haunted house?


Rob: why?

Me: i think we should let someone else speak. Jess.

Jess: why not

laura: yh, Will ?

Will: shore, michalle ?

Michalle: cool, rob ?

Rob: ok just to pertect my little alix

Me: right i agree with little but shes older than you if anyone needs pertecting its you. ok lets go.

so we all went in.



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